WP Engine: Seamless Integration With Git

Despite git being a common practice in software development, WordPress didn’t use git until today. A few hours ago, WP Engine announced in their blog that they have launched seamless git integration for WordPress developers. Using git can give WordPress’ version control a breath of fresh air.

With that, WP Engine has a guided documentation on how you can create you initial repository based on their built-in snapshot feature. Developers that didn’t use version control will get up to speed quicker thanks to git.

Those familiar with git, on the other hand, can benefit from push-to-deploy, and it operates the same manner GitHub and BitBucket has only that it is integrated directly to your local install to your hosting environment.

Read full article here: http://wpcandy.com/reports/wpengine-git-integration

2 thoughts to “WP Engine: Seamless Integration With Git”

  1. Thanks so much for the post! Our team at WP Engine worked very hard to fully integrate git with our platform, and we’re excited about the response from the whole WordPress community!

    A quick note: In your post, you say that “WordPress announced in their blog…” but I think you meant “WP Engine announced in their blog.” Thought you might want to correct that!

    Thanks again,
    -Austin Gunter
    Brand Ambassador
    WP Engine

  2. Deploying WordPress websites on WPEngine with git is an excellent feature that I’ve been using without issue. They recently introduced the ability to administer your git developer keys through their web interface. Previously you needed to open a support ticket, and have a technician manually add your key to gain push access to the repo.

    This new feature makes working with git on WPEngine an even more powerful tool: http://wpengine.com/2014/02/06/wp-engine-introduces-git-administration-user-portal/

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