WordPress 3.5 Will Arrive on December 5, 2012

Andrew Nacin, WordPress’ release Leader announced that WordPress 3.5 will be released on December 5, 2012. This great news was discussed in the last dev chat session for WordPress 3.5. I hope you have upgraded to WordPress 3.4 because the next release will be very exciting. Fist off, lets start with what features the next version will have. As discused in the devchat, the list below is still at tentative scoping. It is still unsure if it will be included in the release or not.

  • New default theme: Twenty Twelve
  • Link manager removed
  • User interface and user experience tweaks.
  • Updates to the customizer like the heading/background, menu, and image handling.
  • Gallery management
  • Improved upload/insert workflows.

Read full story here: http://wpcandy.com/reports/wordpress-3-5-tentative-scope-coming-together

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