Turn Your Blog into a Native IPhone App with WiziApp

Do you want to turn your WordPress blog into an iPhone app which users can easily visit your site from their iPhone, WiziApp is the right tool for the job. You don’t need to hire developers to make an app of your website because WiziApp can automatically turn your WordPress blog into an iPhone app. WiziApp can deliver fresh content to your users anytime, notify readers about new posts using the push notification service, easily search for any post in your blog, play video using WiziApps own player, and let readers share your post to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What is great about WiziApp is that once you installed the app, building it from scratch and making it available to readers can be completed in as quick as 10 to 15 minutes.

Learn more about WiziApp here: http://wphacks.com/create-your-iphone-app-with-the-wiziapp-wordpress-plugin/

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