Top 5 WordPress Pagination Tools

Pagination lets you paginate list of entries to your blog or website. With this tool, visitors can jump to any pages they want instead of using the arduous and time-consuming previous (prev) and next (next) buttons. Pagination improves blog usability. Your visitors can browse quickly and can view large number of pages at once.

Here are some of the few pagination tools you can use in your website. Whether you want a beautifully designed pagination or just a simple tool which can do what you require, these top 5 WordPress pagination tools are just what you need.

These are free wordpress plugins.Refer this article to learn how to install a plugin



WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site.





Another advanced paging navigation interface. After installing this plugin, you need to update your template with the tag they provided to generate fancy pagination links.

Alphabetic pagination

Filter your posts/pages with alphabets. It is simple to use and easy to understand.

Advanced Content Pagination

This plugin allows you to put text and image in pagination buttons. There are 5 awesome button layouts. Also this is a perfect solution to split a long post content to multiple pages.



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