Top 12 Cute and Girly WordPress Themes

May 08, 2014

If you want to create a blog or website which will attract girls particularly teens these cute and girl-themed WordPress theme. These WordPress themes are free, you can try and install any time you like.


GirlyDiaries is a free WordPress theme with 2 columns, and is widget ready. It has a fixed width and is compatible with major browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome.


PinkVice i a 3-column fixed width free WordPress theme. It is a magazine style WordPress theme that is easy to use with added features for setting up your home page like SmoothGallery’s featured content slider, categories, AdSense, social networking functions, etc.

Dum Dum
Dum Dum is a free candy WordPress theme from WPGlamourIt is a 2-column theme with a right sidebar perfect for blogs.

Love Bugs
Love Bugs is a free WordPress theme that features a 2-column, fixed with theme with a right sidebar. A perfect theme for valentine’s day, although it can also be a great theme for romance blogs, girly blogs, etc.

Pictures on a Clothesline
Pictures on a clothesline is a free WordPress theme that has a header image of pictures clipped into a clothesline. It is a three column theme with two right sidebars. It is a perfect theme for showcasing
some images, great if you are a designer or photographer.

Girly Cloud Nine
Girly Cloud nine is a free WordPress theme that features a two-column cute theme with a widget area, a sidebar, and a footer. It also has an options panel to customize a few settings for this theme.

Cold Frost Magazine
ColdFrost Magazine is a WordPress theme that has creative vector designs. It features 2 column, fixed width, and is widget ready. It i cross browser compatible and works with the latest version of WordPress.

Nature Gift
Nature gift is a free theme that features the cuteness of mother nature. It is a two-column theme with a left sidebar.

Cupcake is a free WordPress themes for all the cupcake lovers out there. It is a three column theme in cute pink and pastel colors.

Pink for October 1
This theme is for a cause. It is a free theme made with Breast Cancer Awareness in mind.

Pink for October 2
Another theme made for Breast Cancer Awareness. This theme is in light colors.

Teal Skirt
Teal Skirt is a teal-colored theme with 2 columns and a right sidebar. The theme features a large header for a Facebook-like cover image effect.

Country Life
For those who wants to express their country life in the cutest means possible, this theme is for you. This free theme features all the necessary things you’ll find in a country complete with a picket fence. A cool theme that should be made premium but its not, thanks to the designers.

Girly Magazine
Are you an aspiring magazine article writer? This theme is for you. Take your skills to the test by using Girl Magazine as your website theme. This cute, clean theme is a two-column theme with a left sidebar.