Top 15 WordPress Photography Themes

WordPress is not just great for writing, but also for images. More than 19% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, so its no surprise that somewhere out there, there are some WordPress sites for the creative people.

What is great about WordPress is that it is open source. You can mold the site to your liking. Add some great looking themes, and people wouldn’t notice that you are using WordPress.

Deep Focus: $69

Deep Focus
Deep Focus

Deep Focus is a stylish photography theme from Elegant Themes. You can turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintain the core features of a blog. The theme comes with a blog and CMS-style homepage; thus making it a great solution for photographers, building online presence.
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8 Best Job Board WordPress Themes

Job boards online is becoming popular day by day. Many employers are now looking into remote workers to do tasks in a faster and efficient manner without the needs to long term contracts, plus the benefits of cheaper wages compared to a local employee.

What is a job board?
A job board is basically a virtual area where there are lists of available jobs. People looking for work can check the board to see the list of available works. The job board contains a job listing on the internet. This is similar to classified ads for jobs.

Why WordPress for Job Boards?
WordPress is an open source Content Management System that can do just about anything. With WordPress plugins, you can turn an ordinary website to a job board in no time. Plugins like WordPress Job Board, along with the WP Job Manager lets you build a job board from scratch by just downloading these free plugins.

Now that you know how awesome a WordPress Job board is, here are some themes that can make a good WordPress Job Board site:

Jobify: $55

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Speed Comparison of Popular ThemeForest WP Themes

ThemeForest is the most favorite and most sought out place for premium wordpress themes.  Most of the themes are created by professional web designers and have high quality design and latest features.

Let us do a speed comparison of  best selling ThemeForest WordPress Themes. What follows is a list of most popular ThemeForest wp themes, sorted by Rank.

We have used 3 tools for this comparison:

A Comparison matrix should help you get an idea of speed performance of these  themes. You can sort the table by any column. Just click on header column to sort the table by that column. Read More

17+ Best Premium WordPress Theme Providers

A search on Google Trends for “WordPress” shows “WordPress Themes” topping the list

There are so many themes and theme providers for WordPress out there that if you have just started using the platform you’ll get lost in confusion. So we’ve decided to compile the best place to get WordPress themes and who are the theme providers.

Another reason we have to do this is that themes WordPress themes nowadays are crafted to fit to almost any screen size or device. If are a beginner, or you haven’t changed your theme for years, then it’s time to upgrade it to a more responsive WordPress theme.

Also, using search engines to look for WordPress themes, is not the best solution. That is why these premium theme providers come into play.

Why use Premium Themes?
With free themes, you can download, and install it to any site you want without limitations. However, free themes have a catch. First is the level of customization. Free themes doesn’t have those template builders or WYSIWYG editors found mostly in premium themes.

Another reason to choose premium themes is that they have a cleaner code with better features. They also come with proper support and documentation to help you just in case something doesn’t work. Free themes don’t have these.

If you are serious about your website and want it to stand out, be unique, and be a cut among the rest, particularly in web design, WordPress premium themes are for you.

So, without further adieu, here we have a collection of the world’s best Premium WordPress theme providers:
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16+ Beautiful Wedding WordPress Themes

16+ Beautiful Wedding WordPress Themes

Weddings are very romantic and colorful events and when you create a wedding website, you definitely want to absorb all that excitement into the site. Good news is, there are beautiful wordpress themes available that are designed specifically for wedding websites. These beautiful themes can sure showcase your photos and wedding videos in a very professional and exquisite way.

Here are some of the best WordPress themes for wedding websites.

Just Married
Price: $45

Just Married is a responsive theme for couples who want to share their wedding adventure online. This theme can work seamlessly across multiple browsers and comes with some great features lie RSVP, image and video lightboxes, auto image re-sizing, and a custom font from Font-face. The theme also comes with ready-to-go page templates for the big day, gift registry, and photo gallery. Read More

Adventure Travel WP theme

7 Beautiful Travel WordPress Themes for an Enticing Travel Website

Are you a travel blogger? What does it look like? Is it bland, boring, and uninviting like most blogs out there? Why don’t we do some makeovers. Lets start with the overall look of your blog shall we?

Here I have some of the best Travel WordPress themes that you can have for your blog. This collection of travel WordPress themes lets you create beautiful, interactive, and highly functional travel website for your WordPress blog. You can also use these themes for your travel or tour business, or travel guide website.


Adventure Theme
Adventure Theme

Adventure is a beautifully crafted, responsive WordPress theme that is retina-optimized. This theme was created with travelers, adventurers, and explorers and other related business in mind. It has a full width featured slideshow for showing off your most important articles. The theme includes a biography section for sharing your social media links and showing some information about you or your company. It is constructed using the Seed Theme framework that uses a variety of page templates, shortcodes, videos, etc. It is also compatible with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. Read More

Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

If you love blogging but hate the clutter of widget areas, chances are you are looking for a minimalist theme. If you are looking for a theme that provides a beautiful reading experience in an unobtrusive, high quality design, this is no simple task.


That is why we have collected the best minimalist themes for WordPress. All of these themes make use of white space and display very little post meta.

These themes can futher be stripped down to better reflect your abilities. You can also create a child theme to preserve your ability to get updates and then you can proceed to cut out post meta or anything that you feel is distracting to the reader.

So here’s the list –>Top 10 Free Minimalist Themes For WordPress – Fast Loading Too


Free WordPress Themes Built With Bootstrap

Boostrap has been around longer, and has larger user base compared to other frameworks. And as BootStrap has already joined the flat design craze in its 3.0 release,the model and basic UI components were greatly improved. Also BootStrap 3.1 has introduced an official Sass support, further expanding its network. Here is a selection of the best free WordPress themes that are built using BootStrap. These are the best free WordPress themes you can find online so brace yourself, because the eye candies you are about to see are very appalling. These themes really took my breath away. I love to have the Flat and the Ward theme in one of my blogs. View the themes here:

Stunning New WordPress Themes

genesis framework logoIf you are not a designer putting a WordPress site together might be a bit of a challenge. This is because most of the visitors that will go to your blog will likely like what they see based on how you present your blog to them. These breathtaking new themes might just give your blog a boost. Whether a personal blog or a website, these themes have a subtle look and feel to it that users will be staring for hours.


These themes are made from Genesis Framework of StudioPress and it just barely scratched the surface.

Take a look at some of the themes here:

WordPress Theme for Automotive Websites

automitivethemeAre you selling used cars, or planning to build a car company of your own? We all have humble beginnings so let’s start from the most basic yet beautifully crafted themes made for automotive websites.

Automotive, for instance is a clean theme from Templatic. It has advanced features which lets you create your own car portal.

Radial is a premium WordPress theme from Theme Forest that features a glossy-look.

Automitive is a minimalist-styled theme that puts focus on functionality rather than design.

And many more.

Take a look at the theme showcase here:

Things to Know Before Buying A WordPress Theme

wordpress-tipsSetting up a free WordPress theme may not be a great idea since you have limited customization options and the overall look and feel is not that good enough to portray your professionalism. This is where paid WordPress themes can be an advantage.

However, don’t just buy whatever fancies your attention, here are some things you should know before buying a WordPress theme.
Or better yet, answer these questions for a quick checklist:


  • Who is the seller?
  • Does it meet WordPress code compliance?
  • Is it frequently updated?
  • Is it too cheap, or too expensive?
  • What are the features available in the theme?


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Free Theme and Shopping Cart Extenion from MarketPress

If you want to start an e-commerce site without sacrificing too much on the cost, MarketPress has available themes and plugins to help with e-commerce startups. MarketPress offers a lot of free themes and plugins available for WordPress users.

FlexMarket is a free MarketPRess theme that is fully responsive and is built using the Twitter BootStrap framework. It has powerful options panel with drag and drop page builder. MarketPress contains more than 500 Google fonts, has unlimited customization options, ability to load custom logo, background images, and patterns, and so much more. Did I mention that this theme is free?

And to help with your start up  here is a floating cart plugin available for free. This is an extension offered by MarketPress themes which lets you create a shopping cart that hovers or floats above your website. When clicked on the tad, it will launch a modal window which will display the customer’s shopping cart items and subtotal. Subtotal updates almost immediately just like in


So are there things still hindering you from creating you own store? You probably need to read the full details:

Top 10 Social WordPress Themes

When you use social media in WordPress, it gives you a slight advantage from the rest of those that don’t use it. Facebook  and Twitter when used properly in your blog, create better traffic and makes your post more interesting. With that in mind, these top 10 social WordPress themes have themes that comes pre-loaded with social media integration from websites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Delicious, and many other social media.

My favorite is Revolution Magazine because it has a lot of customization options, widgets, and has a solid, intuitive look and feel.


You can read all the themes here:

Guide in Hacking WordPress Theme Template Pages

Theme template pages are sometimes an annoyance because it does not look the way you want it to look like. Most of us do not use the default WordPress theme, we search online for free themes we can use. The drawback is that themes are coded and developed differently. This then goes to the limitations of your chosen theme, a widget area is missing, sidebar is different, and some features you need are missing too.

Here is an article discussing how WordPress works, what you need to know before hacking, and how you can hack WordPress theme templates and make it work your way:


WordPress themes-Embrace simplicity with business card

Have you ever needed a website, whether for yourself or someone else, simply to communicate simple contact information, and perhaps a simple about paragraph? In those cases, a blog theme just wouldn’t really fit—then it’s overkill. Instead, something typically called a “business card” theme might be a better fit.

I have a few friends who, being professionals learning the internet ropes (so to speak) for the first time, really need a solid presence online. These days, having a Facebook and a Twitter account is nice but doesn’t really work as a solid anchor for an online identity. So I’ve given myself the task of helping these friends get simple, effective sites online using WordPress, and a business card theme.

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