5 Best WordPress Product Catalog Plugins

WordPress is a popular content management system that is known for its ability to be a customizable multipurpose platform. WordPress provides a user-friendly dashboard, free library of themes and plugins that is available for all users that have installed this content management system.

Most e-commerce based online stores are using WordPress. When it comes creating an online catalog, WordPress has made it easy for every business to turn their website into an online catalog. Read below and discover the 5 top rated WordPress catalog plugins.

5 Top Rated WordPress Catalog Plugins

1- Product Catalog

The first top rated WordPress plugin is the Product Catalog by Etoile Web Design. This plugin is mainly popular for its minimalistic themed product catalog design and its SEO options. In terms of style, minimal web design is the hottest themed trend in web design today. Read More

Excellent WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

Adding an online store to any WordPress is very easy.Many free and paid WordPress E-Commerce Plugins are available. The administrator can sell digital goods and physical products or even services from his/her blog.

  1. WP e-Commerce – a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. Main features: 100% Customizable, easy to  modify templates, different payment gateways, Flexible coupon/discount pricing rules, multiple shipping options, Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, 100% Search Engine Friendly, sell Downloadable/Digital Products, easy Catalog Management, simple drag n drop shopping process and more.
  2. eShop – is another free e-commerce system for WordPress. Main features includes: easy and simple admin panel, various product listing options, sell downloadable products, add various discount options, various shipping options, different merchant gateways ect.
  3. Shopp – is a shopping cart plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your WordPress site. Main features: Supports both remote and on-site checkout systems, accept multiple offline payment options, theme widgets for drag-and-drop shopping experience customization, Search engine optimized shopping pages, powerful and easy to manage admin, Support for selling digital & physical products and donations. Price: Single domain starts at $55; add-on tools start at $25.
  4. Zingiri Web Shop – is a free WordPress plugin to sell products and manage content. Main features include: Ajax powered shopping cart & one page checkout, multilingual support, different payment gateways, Sell digital and physical products ect.
  5. Cart66 – is another WordPress ecommerce plugin. Cart66 has a free version called Cart66 Lite, as well as paid version called Cart66 Professional (price: $89—$399). Cart66 comes with a powerful administration panel to do various tasks like set your currency, choose which countries you want to sell to, charge tax by zip code ranges or states, manage orders, view sales reports, and track your inventory ect. Professional version supports recurring payments, subscriptions, and membership access features ect.
  6. Ecwid Shopping Cart – is a free shopping cart that can easily be added to any blog.