Your WordPress Account Can Get Hacked Easily Over Wi-Fi Connection

If you are used to logging in to your WordPress account in a public Wi-Fi network like at malls or from your local coffee shop, anyone on the same connection can sniff your WordPress credentials. Anyone who knows how to use FireSheep can gain access to your WordPress account.

This was discovered by Yan Zhu, a staff technologist at Electronic Frontier Foundation who works for Frontier Foundation on the HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger extensions.

The cookie, called “wordpress_logged_in’ is what use to determine if the user is logged in or not. If this is set, then WordPress won’t bother to ask user credentials until this cookie expires.


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Basic WordPress Security

Is your WordPress secured? If you asked this same question yourself, then you might have a problem with your WordPress security. This guide will help you about WordPress security, what you can do to prevent intrusions and hacks and how far can you protect your WordPress site. This is the most basic, no-nonsense WordPress security tips and tricks, so if you are aiming for a more advanced approach, read this guide about advanced WordPress security. How far you will need WordPress security to go deeper into a more advanced security depends on what kind of site you are running.

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WordPress Security Threats You Probably Don’t Know About

wordpresssecuritythreatsSecurity online has always been an issue. That is why when starting a WordPress blog or website, you need to have the latest stable update of WordPress and a couple of security features at hand. However, even with the latest update and security features, some can still get away with it.

So why do you still have security issues? This is because there are some things you don’t know about that hackers can easily gain access to.


To give you an idea, let me ask you a few questions:

Does your site show WordPress version information publicly?

How secured is your WordPress Login page?

Here are the top 5 security threats you probably don’t know about.