Some Quick Tips in WordPress Site Migration

wordpress-site-migrationUnless you really have to, WordPress site migration is your last resort. This process is not easy. In fact, without additional tools to migrate your site to another URL, this is probably one of the most technical jobs an adminstrator can perform.


Thankfully there are some great and free plugins that will do WordPress site migration for you. All-in-One WP Migration for example, is one of those plugins that made migration task a breeze.  With this, or similar plugins around, you generally don’t need to do manual site migrations unless you really have to.


But it’s still good to know a thing or two about it. explains what WordPress site migration means:

How to Move Your WordPress to Another Server

Moving your blog within your server is easy, it just need to accomplish a few tasks and your website is good to go. However, moving  your WordPress blog from one server to another is a daunting task and it needs special attention to details. In this guide, you need to know a few information and take note of the pointers on how you can move your WordPress site from one server to another. The trick in a successful migration is to backup everything before migrating. You don’t want to lose all your hard-earned posts and everything in it and start over again, do you?


Read how its done here: