Performance Tests Using a $10 WordPress VPS Hosting

What sort of performance you’ll get under a $10 WordPress ? In this post, the author used load testing service to determine what sort of performance can had from various server configurations at  a $10 per month VPS hosting package.


If you think you can’t get anything from a $10 VPS hosting, think again. This post from puts the $10 hosting to the test. There may be some room for improvements, but still gaining 40 million hits a day isn’t bad at all. If you need performance and can’t manage it yourself, a managed WP hosting i s perfect but if you want a good web hosting solution, dedicated hosting is still the best.


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Managed WordPress Hosting from Godaddy

WordPress is the best platform available to create a website for your business. First you need a reliable hosting for your site. In the past, Shared hosting was the most popular type of used by beginners. Today however, due to the popularity of WordPress, several hosting providers have chosen to provide specialized WordPress hosting known as . A traditional web hosts simply provide the hardware for developers to build wordpress website.But a managed WordPress hosts focus more on supporting WordPress too. The prices of managed WordPress hosting is quite higher than the average shared hosting. If you’re a tech savvy or a beginner who is starting a blog, then a traditional host is most likely the best route. For companies with a high-traffic website, we recommend managed WordPress hosting.

Godaddy added the managed WordPress hosting to their services. In managed WordPress hosting, GoDaddy takes care of managing the technical side of things, including server set-up, security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups and performance optimization. With GoDaddy Managed WordPress, customers won’t have to worry about manually updating wordpress plug-ins or themes, as it will be done automatically. GoDaddy also offers added security in the form of firewalls, malware scanning and automated security patching. When a sign up with their managed WordPress hosting, the latest version of WordPress automatically installed in the root directory. And when customers launch into their accounts, they will be redirected to WordPress admin panel.

WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy

Reasons to Use VPS over Shared Hosting in WordPress

vps shared logoStarting a blog is fun. Choosing which hosting platform to have, what kind of web hosting you’ll need, and what other things you have to do with your blog to make it attractive are just some of the things that put me into blogging.

The most difficult part was when I was choosing a web hosting plan. Will I go for free, shared hosting, dedicated, or VPS? Of course, there are many advantages in choosing a hosted blog. You’ll get to make it look the way you want it to be, and you’ll have complete control over it.

In choosing a hosting package, why should you go with VPS instead of shared hosting?

Here are some of the reasons:

Things To Know Before Hosting a WordPress Blog

Free WordPress won’t get you anywhere the way hosting your WordPress blog can do to you. However, finding a hosting solution for your blog is not that easy as there are a lot of hosting providers out there offering either cheap or best service but neither both. Hosting a WordPress blog takes careful consideration because taking things for granted makes hosting your worst experience ever. It is necessary that you have knowledge in hosting a WordPress blog, good thing presents us with lists and tips on what to look for in hosting your WordPress blog. Dedicating your time and effort in knowing these information will greatly benefit your blog and even your career.

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Top 60 incredibly useful WordPress Resources

Top 60 incredibly useful  WordPress Resources need a homepage that’s professional, uncluttered and has a clear emphasis on providing key information .WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools online. If you run your website using WordPress you will be able to benefit from plugins, addons and all sorts of free resources. We round up the best WordPress Resources on the web arranged by category.
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How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Fantastico is an amazing cPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to automatically install popular Open Source Applications.

After logged into your cPanel, just look for a blue smiley face. After clicking on it follow the steps below:

    1. From Fantastico navigation menu click on “WordPress”.

    1. In the next widow click New Installation. This will take you to the next step:

    1. In this step you will be asked to provide information needed to install your WordPress.
      a) Install on domain: Choose the domain on which you want to install WordPress
      b) Install in Directory: Leave this blank if you want WordPress to be installed in the root of the domain. For example, when you leave it blank, you will access WordPress at . If you want to specify a different directory, type it into this field. For example if you type in “blog”, the url will then be .
      c) Choose the admin username and password to access your WordPress admin.
      d) Admin nickname: The name you want to display for the admin account.
      e) Admin e-mail: The email address of the admin
      f)  Site name: What you want to name your blog
      g) Description: What your site is about.
      i)  Finally, for the email configuration, this will be an email address that you’ve set up.

  1. After clicking the “Install WordPress” button you will be brought to a review page:
    Click “Finish Installation” to complete your WordPress installation.
  2. After you click “Finish Installation” button, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can specify an email address to which the details of your new installation will be sent.

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WordPress Hosting Requirements

Wordpress Hosting  requiementsSince this site is dedicated for wordpress lovers, thought should add a post about .

Following guidelines may help you decide.

  • A good web server that supports PHP and MySQL(see below) , Apache is preferred
  • PHP – Make sure your web hosting account has support for PHP v 4.3 or later.
  • MySQL: Your web host should support MySQL database version 4..2 or later.

A note about web server:  WordPress can work in any web server that supports PHP and MySQL. But we noticed that in Windows servers, it works, but has performance issues. We suggest that a Linux web server that that supports PHP and MySQL (see versions above), are best candidates for wordpress hosting.

Installing wordpress: Once you find a suitable web host, you caninstall wordpress using following options

Hard way: Once you find a suitable web host, you can download WordPress and then transfer the entire download into your web hosting via ftp and then follow instructions as in WordPress Installation Guide.  This also includes creating a MySQL database manually from your control panel. 

Easy way: If your web host offers a one click wordpress install, then from your control panel in web host, you can easily install and create a wordpress blog under 2 minutes. This is not only a time saver, but also saves you other headaches explained above. This article is a good help  in this regard.

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