What is a WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress theme frameworks let developers create theme layouts quickly without having to do a lot of coding. This makes their life easy, and their users happy as regular updates happen quickly and there it doesn’t affect the overall experience of the users in every update.

Almost every WordPress theme designers prefer a framework-based approach nowadays. There are many WordPress theme framework to suit every user’s needs. But, before we get into downloading a framework and using it for our benefit. Let us know what it is first, what it can do, what are its limiations, and why you need it.

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Cherry Framework – Free WordPress Framework with 300 Child Templates

Cherry FrameworkCherry Framework is a WordPress framework available in Template Monster. If you have been developing themes for years now, then you know about Template Monster. The framework is released in 2012 and is currently under version 2.3. By using this framework, you’ll have access to more than 300 various themes from Template Monster. The Cherry framework is supposed to be a parent theme with the installed themes or templates acting as a child theme. It is a nifty tool to have in your site because when you are updating the framework or making changes to it, the individual themes won’t be overwritten as it is a standalone theme.


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