Top 7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

For everyone who uses the same old dashboard everyday, it can feel a bit dull and demotivating, like your WordPress admin isn’t the most inspiring place to work. So here are some few plugins which can provide you with a brand new WordPress admin experience like you’ve never experienced before. These themes, usually installed in a form of plugins, give you a brand new experience to your WordPress admin dashboard. With these simple tweaks, you can start to have a productive day ahead.

Retina Press for example, is a plugin that brings modern design and Google webfonts to your WordPress dashboard. It has a custom login pag, and JQuery accordion menus for smoother animation.

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Get a Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin for WordPress

Tired of the old admin theme in your WordPress site? has designed a plugin which brings Twitter Bootstrap styles to your WordPress dashboard. The Twitter Bootstrap Admin is a clean, and minimalist administration theme that changes the look of your dashboard with new icons, colors, and Bootstrap being its backbone.

Here is what is included in the Bootstrap admin:

Styling of WordPress admin area
Bootstrap icons
Default WordPress forms theming
Button themes
Style admin using LESS
WPMUdev MarketPress optimizations
WPMUdev Pro-Sites optimizations

The plugin also includes Elusive-Icons Webfont, a package of vector icons made from BootStrap.

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