How WordPress 3.7 Affected Hotfix Plugin

Hotfix has been one of the most important plugin for any WordPress user. It is the first plugin people add in their WordPress right after installation. Hotfix is a plugin that provides early, automated fix for the WordPress version you are using. It is meant to address bugs, that are not severe or common enough to have a separate release. At the time performing updates in your WordPress on a large number of sites was annoying, if not time consuming. The Hotfix plugin is a convenient solution for that.   Now that we have WordPress 3.7, it seems to be less useful now that you can enable automatic updates to your site. Has WordPress severely affected the Hotfix plugin?


Read this commentary to find out:

What’s New in WordPress 3.7

It’s just about 2 months since WordPress 3.6 was released and we are already craving for more. This is because just recently, WordPress has released WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 and we are very excited to see what’s in store for the next major update.

So let’s take a look at what WordPress 3.7 has in store for us:

Automatic Updates
Managed WordPress hosting already has one, why not WordPress do it too? The good news is that they have included automatic update in 3.7.

Improved WordPress Search
The default WordPress search is annoying that is why we relied on other solutions. Now with the latest release, WordPress search will get a bit better. It will not display results by relevancy but by chronological order. It will consider a more relevant keyword matches in the title and in the content.

And other tweaks and function features.

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