Top 7 Free Starter Frameworks for WordPress Designers

wordpressframeworkCreating a WordPress theme requires a framework to help you progress faster. Also, a framework affects the overall look and feel of your site, so without one, your website would be a mess.

Framework is simple a fancy word for starter theme that is based on a solid code foundation which comes with generic features like scripts, template files, CSS, etc. Building your site from framework is the most effective way to streamline your development process.

Frameworks are perfect when you are designing a lot of themes or you just simply ran out of  ideas.
Here are the top 7 starter frameworks for you:

Top Author Box Plugins for WordPress

author-box-sampleAn “About” page may not be enough to stay in the competition. If you want to keep up with the pace, add an author box in your every content. Creating an author box manually may be tedious because you have to do that in every post, and does not appeal that much since its just plain text doesn’t look exactly what its trying to tell to readers. Author box plugins simplifies this task so you don’t have to worry whether your author information is placed after your content because it is automatically generated when you published a blog.


Have a look at the top 6 author box plugins for WordPress:


Top 6 WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins allow easy, and customizable enhancement to your blog. However, since WordPress is a popular blogging platform you may find it hard to get the best plugin for your blog not because there are only a few, but because there are too many of them. Since you can’t use it all, here are some suggestions that will make your blog more functional than before. These plugins feature an easy way to post SEO-friendly blogs, site optimization, blog improvement, and many more. In fact, just these six may satisfy all your blogging needs.


Why don’t you have a look at these plugins here: