How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress

WordPress RSS feeds help readers to your blog keep you updated. But if you are creating a business site without blogging feature, you won’t be needing RSS. RSS or Rich Site Summary or often dubbed Really Simple Syndication is a web format in which it is used to publish frequently updated works. Landing pages, static pages, and other non-blog pages don’t require RSS feeds. You might want to disable it or visitors might subscribe to your feed even if there is no feed to subscribe to, therefore leading people into false syndcation which might hurt your website.


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Modify The Refresh Rate of Your RSS Widget

WordPress has a feature that will allow you to display an RSS feed to your blog. This is very useful especially if you want your readers to know what is your latest post and when you post it. Readers are more interested in blogs that update frequently than those that leave their blogs for months and update on an infrequent basis. This built-in widget is a great tool for letting users know what you are up to. However, the problem is it does not update as often as you update your blog. Here is a quick hack that you can do to change how often your RSS feed will refresh.

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