The Clown Car Technique for Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design has been the hot topic today. Do you know why? Because nobody likes the idea. New elements are being introduced as a solution to this problem but it only turns out to be more of a headache than a problem-solving technique. The idea is to provide images for users to be able to view regardless or the display size or resolution without wasting memory or bandwidth.

The “clown car” technique is a technique wherein large images are in a single SVG image file. We then use the <object> element to encourage browsers to support raster images in SVG as an <img>. It is not a viable solution as problems may still arise but it is the best method so far.

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How to Build Responsive Images for Your WordPress Blog

responsiveimagesResponsive web design is the newest craze for websites, and blogs. Responsive design is when a website or blog adapt to screen sizes. However, known to many if you set CSS’s max-width to 100% they can create a responsive layout, but the truth is, mobile sites will still be downloading full size images. This can be an issue especially when users visit your WordPress blog because they will have to wait for a long time for your images to show.

To make responsive images, Picturefill is the answer. Picturefill is a javascript library that loads the smallest possible image first then updates the images on the fly depending on the screen resolution.


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