Top 10 Extended WordPress CMS Plugins

I am a sucker for top 10 lists about WordPress, especially if they contain useful information. This list of top ten plugins put together from the experiences of a professional design firm, will help you create a full CMS out of a WordPress blog. I have used a few of these myself on various projects and their flexibility and speciality together with WordPress’ versatility and extensibility make a phenomenal combination. From the post: For moderately sized sites (including simple e-Commerce sites), WordPress does a pretty good job as a CMS, making it easy to maintain your site, and update your content. Of course, it does this best with the help of a good theme, and some great plugins. The strength of WordPress is the community of developers who have already done almost anything you can think of with it. Here are the best plugins we’ve run across, the ones we install for nearly all of our client’s sites.
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