What Open Source, and GPL Mean for WordPress Business Users

is a free and open source software; it costs nothing to use and is built collaboratively by volunteers across the world. Most of the time people have some concerns in using free software especially for businesses. Usually if it’s free, people doubt and they might be thinking: “There is a catch, right?”

But no. WordPress is really free. Free to download, install, and you are also free to modify the software itself to better meet  your business’ needs. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t pay money to your site to keep it running. There are also associated costs in running a WordPress site, or any website for that matter.

Here’s a complete explanation on what WordPress really means for your business: <a title="Open-Source, the , and your Business” href=”http://wpbusinesstips.com/2014/06/open-source-gpl-business/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>http://wpbusinesstips.com/2014/06/open-source-gpl-business/


SocialToolBar Pro Review

SocialToolbar pro is a WordPress plugin which lets you add a customizable toolbar complete with color selection, social network icons, share buttons, Facebook and twitter plugins into your post’s header or footer. It is a premium plugin created by Daddy Design which allows you to have all your social networks in on cool toolbar.

The plugin contains four versions:

Personal – single use for $25.
Personal Multi use – for multiple websites at $100.
Developer package for sites developed by you at $200.

The Social Toolbar Pro is a very useful plugin that is easy to use, and easy to set. You’ll have plenty of choices in color, and social network profiles. The free version, however, is not GPL compatible.

Read the rest of the review here: http://wpnuggets.com/wp-plugin-review/social-toolbar-pro/