Master WordPress Visual Editor With These 14 Tips

When I began using WordPress for my blogs, I find that WordPress’ visual editor or the WYSIWYG editor to be easy to use, that the text editor itself. However, in my years of using the Visual editor it’s starting to slow me down.

If you want to increase your productivity, these lesser known tricks can help you master WordPress Visual Editor and be more productive.

For instance, did you know that there you can use keyboard shortcuts the same as when using a word processing software? And did you know that there is a distraction-free writing mode in WordPress?

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The Best Copywriting Tips for 2013

For users to gain interest in our blog, a good copy is an effective way to attract them. If you not a writer, nor a journalist, you will have a hard time catching writing a copy that can attract customers. However, don’t fret because with practice and discipline, improvements will follow. Just don’t be tempted to procrastination, and all will be well.

A guest post from has the best tips for creating a good copy and how long will it take to improve your copywriting skills. Remember that a good copy is a skill that can be honed with proper practice.