Most Essential Wordpress Plugins

9+ Most Essential WordPress Security Plugins

Unless protected, most wordpress blogs are often victims of  DDoS attacks, SQL injection, spam, hackers and other security risks.

As a WordPress website or blog owner, your job is to ensure that your site won’t get hacked and prevent any security risks. Having a secure username and password is a good start; but that is not enough.  Thanks to these 16+ security plugins, your blog will be safer.


wordfence plugin reviewWordFence is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. WordPress scans core files, theme, and plugins against repository version to check for integrity.

The plugin includes a firewall to block common security threats like fake Googlebots, hackers, and botnets.

Premium users can block countries, and schedule scans for specific times at higher frequency.

Get WordFence.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

ithemes security reviewiThemes(Better WP Security) is the best option to fix the most common security risks.

It offers some of the best features in securing a WordPresss site. It combines the best features and techniques into a single plugin to secure your site.

Once installed, the plugin scans your site for user agents, bots, hosts, and prevents attackers by prohibiting users with too many invalid login attempts.

The plugin also detects hidden 404 errors in your site that affects SEO and you can easily login to your site with sensible links.

Get iThemes Secuirty plugin

Bulletproof SecurityBulletProof Security plugin review

BulletProof Security is a WordPress security plugin that has been praised for preventing code and SQL injection attacks. It also provides the mans to protect your website against XSS, RFI, CSRF, and Base64 attacks.

Another popular feature of Bulletproof security is that it enables the admin to filter who gets to see the website and who will be greeted by 503 Website Under Maintenance page through IP filtering.

Also, BulletProof Security offers a more convenient way of protecting and updating your site without using an FTP client. It can lock down critical .htaccess files, wp-config.php, etc.

Bulletproof security is completely free with an option to donate.

All in One WP Security and Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin reviewThis plugin is among the top 10 WordPress security plugins. This plugin provides user account security, user login security, file system security, database security and the like.

You can also blacklist, enable firewall, prevent brute force login, etc.

Limit Login Attempts 

Limit Login Attempts reviewLimit Login Attempts prevent your blog or website from brute-force attacks in a smart way. The plugin blogs an IP address from making further attempts if it reaches the specified limit.

Download Limit Login Attempts.

Securi Security

securi reviewSecuri is an awesome plugin that checks your blog for malware, spam, blacklisting and other security issues like hidden evil codes, .htaccess hacks, and many more.

Download Securi Security.

Block Bad Queries
BBQ - Block Bad Queries - plugin review

Block Bad Queries is a plugin that protects your website against the malicious URL request. It checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks bad requests.

Download Block Bad Queries.

NoSpamNX review

NoSpamNX automatically adds form-fields to the comment form of your blog that is not visible to human users. If a spambot fills these invisible fields, then the comment is not saved. The owner can then decide whether to block that spambot, or mark it as spam.

Download NoSpamNX.


WP-DBManager review
This plugin handles your WordPress database. It lets the owner optimize database, repair it, make a backup, restore, delete the backup, empty the tables, and run optional queries. The plugin also provides support for automatic backup and schedule and database optimization.

Download WP-DBManager.

Final Words

The rule of security is, always have them regardless if you think you don’t need them. Better have all the necessary WordPress security features in your site before a problem occurs than trying to fix the problem as it happens.