How to use Addon Domains Using cPanel and launch multiple websites. Save money too.

Addon domains are additional domains that you can add/host under your hosting account. In other words if you have multiple site, then instead of buying hosting for each domain, you can add/host all of the domains to just one account. Addon domains can be a perfect choice, if you have many mini sites and want to save money on hosting.

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to add Addon Domains to your website from arvixe cPanel.

Log into arvixe cPanel and click on Addon Domains icon.

You will be presented with a screen as shown below. Fill in your information and click Add Domain.

Arvixe Addon Domain screenshot
Arvixe Addon Domain screenshot

New Domain Name: the name of the domain (ex:

Username/directory/subdomain: the FOLDER you wish for the domain to point towards (ex: example)

NOTE: simply the name of the folder you want the domain’s content to be stored will be sufficient. It can be a folder that already exists or make up a name and it will create the folder for you.

Password: Password is used for that user authentication, so make it strong

As you can see, Addon Domains is a simpler way to add multiple websites under same hosting account. You can save money as well. Arvixe, an award winning web host, allows multiple domains to be hosted under same hosting account. It has 2 hosting plans for this purpose. In it’s Personal class plan, you can host 6 multiple websites under same account for just $4 per month. Whereas Personalclass Pro plan allows unlimited websites to be hosted under same account for just $7 per month.

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