SocialEngine vs Elgg vs Dolphin vs PhpFox – Comparison of 4 popular social networking scripts

socialmedia elgg-vs-boonex-vs-phpfox-vs-socialengine Since social networking sites have increased in popularity in recent years and a lot of sites decide to incorporate social networking features within their site. There are many scripts that will allow you to create your own social network within your website. Socialengine, elgg, dolphin & phpfox are all top social network solutions available. But it can be difficult to gain a truly comparative insight into what each product has to offer. If you are having trouble deciding which one best fits your needs, then a direct comparison is often exactly what you need.


1.  SocialEngine


SocialEngine is a PHP-based social networking service platform, which will let you create your own unbranded network that is 100% customizable. Main features of SocialEngine include:

  • Ability to create user profile page (along with the user’s profile data, all of the user’s photos, blog entries, comments, groups, friends, statistics, and other items can be displayed here). Users can create groups and invite members to join the group.
  • As the administrator, you can edit the fields on your users’ profiles, choose to allow users to upload files of any type (such as mp3, zip, etc.), Create multiple levels of membership in your community to give some members access to special content or extra privileges, Drag-and-drop Content Management to arrange content, customize widgets, create whole new pages, and place advertisements.
  • Many anti-spam Features like Email address verification, Automatic CAPTCHA, Content Deletion, Member blocking, Moderator accounts ect.
  • Other features like Ad campaign manager,blogs, forums, photo albums, video module, media module, event calander, polls, ability to search site wide content and members, Private messaging, unencrypted code, multilingual capability, modular plugin/widget compatibility and more.

SocialEngine has been most flexible and well programmed Social Networking platform. There is a range of templates and add-ons available to extend the basic features already included in the SocialEngine core. SocialEngine offers single site license starting at $250. Socialengine seems to be a cost-effective social networking script.

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2. Elgg

Elgg – is a free and open source platform to develop social community site. Main features of Elgg include:

  • Drag and Drop Profile Manipulation – Users can create a profile page and they may upload up to ten pictures/icons. The profile page includes personal, academic and professional contact info, along with an interests list and a likes/dislikes list. Users have an option to decide how much to reveal of their identity to others through different levels of access control. When groups and communities are created, they will also appear in the privacy level drop down menu, allowing users to make only certain information available to those they invite to their group.
  • Easy administration
  • Create Personal and Community Blogs
  • Many other Social networking features like search for friend, create group, join the group, private messaging, add forums, photo gallery, upload media files ect.
  • Easy Integration With Other Web Community Technologies
  • Plenty of Plug-ins, Widgets, and Themes – Elgg has very big community and the clients have added many widgets, plug-ins and templates.

Elgg is really one of the best tools used in social network development and it is FREE!!.

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3. Boonex


Boonex dolphin is another community script. Main features of dolphin include:

  • Dolphin includes blogs, events, groups, video chat, video messenger, players, mobile app, desktop app, files, media sharing, store, profiles, friends, boards, media sharing, store, and files sharing.
  • With Dolphin you receive unencrypted PHP source code, Flash apps source code, desktop app and even mobile apps source code, making it possible to add or integrate your custom features.
  • blogs with lots of option like photo upload, creating own different categories, permission, ability to sort member menu and groups, the ability to approve as many one want profiles simultaneously.
  • A/V files recording and sharing converting any video format.

Dolphin is best suited for creating your own dating site. All modules, players, chat, messengers and apps are included. Even though boonex community is not that good, there are boonex experts available to assist you to customize your site.

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4. PhpFox

Phpfox – is another powerful and unique script to start your own online community site. Phpfox features include:

  • Member profile page with lots of advanced features: In addition to display his basic details, each user has their personal sections including their Blogs, Friends, Photos, Polls, Quizzes, Videos and their Favorites. On each of your users profile list all the groups they are a part off, a list of events the user is attending ect.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs, H1 Breadcrumbs, Unique Meta Keywords & Description
  • Modules for Blogs, Photos, Forum, Polls, Shoutbox, Bulletins, Private Messaging, Groups, Events, Marketplace, Instant Messenger, Ad Campaigns
  • The site admin has full control of their social network from the content to site design to user roles and more.
  • A very large active user community that is there to help you.
  • Lot of modules, plug-ins and theme available
  • Video module allows you to embed, share, rate, feature videos, and lets members comment on the video page.
  • Gallery can automatically watermark, slideshow, rate, comment and show thumbnails for browsing.
  • Events mod allows you to set up happenings related to your niche, festivals etc.
PHPFOX is a stable and powerful social networking script for small to medium sized internet businesses. It is flexible, expendable & customizable. Unlike many other scripts, phpfox support is very good. You will get what you paid for.
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