Set Multiple Default Categories for WordPress Posts

March 05, 2014

When you don’t assign a catergory to your post, it will automatically go to ‘uncategorized’. The ‘Uncategorized’ category is a generic category where WordPress that doesn’t have a specific category go. Oftentimes I’m annoyed that my posts go in here since it doesn’t help me connect to my readers and provide useful information to them.

How to Change wordpress posts’s Default Category?

Option1: Edit  category name ‘Uncategorized’

One quick solution is to edit “Uncategorized” in Post>Categories. This is a great option if you only have one category and haven’t created a content yet. In my opinion you should edit default category as soon as as your website is built.

Option2: Set a Default Category

Another quick solution is to set the default category in Settings>Writing. Choose another category from the drop down menu. And save changes. All future posts will be assigned to the new default category.

Option3: But, what if you want to set multiple default categories?

By default, WordPress only allows a global default category. Install  the plugin  WordPress Default Category to set multiple default categories.

How to Bulk remove posts from one category to another

Then how about all those posts which were already in old default category(i.e. uncategorized)? Do you want to set another category for those posts too?

  • Go to Posts > All Posts. Select category name (in my case ‘Uncategorized ‘) from the drop down. Click on Filter button.
  • Now you can see all posts from that category.  Click the checkbox next ti ‘Title’ in header to select all posts. Click on Bulkactions>> edit>> apply.
  • Change category and click update.