Random WordPress Plugins: Rotating Banners, Header Art, Images, Quotes, and Content on Your Blog

Some people like that their site look different on each page with respect to header art, banners, artwork, photography, image, past posts and quotes on each page of blog to attract the visitors.

If you love randomness then there is WordPressPlugins as part of the month long series on WordPress Plugins which includes all type of randomizing features, all you can find in Randomness Plugins on WP-Plugins.net.”

For random images easy-to-use script or Plugin allow to pull all images into single directory, and it is most popular mentioned using random features. This method can be used as a background image in style sheet. The Header Image Rotator WordPress Plugin allows adding an unlimited number of header images in just about any file type and the rotation intervals can easily be controlled.

Some blogs have very important and worthwhile material used for yeas of life, so it is need to access those posts with a random post generating WordPress Plugin. The Archivist WordPress Plugin, is a favorite to learn more about on Revitalizing Your Blog’s Past Posts.

The feature of Random quotes and text are also needed frequently. The Witty Text was only one WordPress Plugin that offered the ability to easily add random text to the blog. Currently the WP Random Quotes Generator is very easy to use but has some issues. The problem to import CSV quotes to database in described in Importing Quotes Into the Random Quote Generator WordPress Plugin – WP-Quotes article. However there are many choices for adding quotes to WordPress blog.

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