ScribeSEO-Maximize WordPress SEO with ScribeSEO

SEO has been one of those buzzwords which incites discussion and debate, whether you live by it or cringe upon seeing it.  Whether webmasters want to admit it or not, however, search engine optimization works if done correctly.  As a webmaster it falls upon you to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) on your website or blog.  Just a few years ago this wasn’t particularly fun or easy for webmasters, but that has changed with things like new software and of course WordPress plugins.
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WP Perfect Theme Features released

TricksDaddy has released WP Perfect, a free two-column WordPress theme. The theme includes a 3-column widgetized footer, an author profile box below posts, a theme options page to control basic settings and describes itself as “SEO-optimized.” WP Perfect is designed to look both professional and simple and to load pages in a minimal amount of time. A demo, full list of features and download link can be found on the WP Perfect announcement post.
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Top 10 Extended WordPress CMS Plugins

I am a sucker for top 10 lists about WordPress, especially if they contain useful information. This list of top ten plugins put together from the experiences of a professional design firm, will help you create a full CMS out of a WordPress blog. I have used a few of these myself on various projects and their flexibility and speciality together with WordPress’ versatility and extensibility make a phenomenal combination. From the post: For moderately sized sites (including simple e-Commerce sites), WordPress does a pretty good job as a CMS, making it easy to maintain your site, and update your content. Of course, it does this best with the help of a good theme, and some great plugins. The strength of WordPress is the community of developers who have already done almost anything you can think of with it. Here are the best plugins we’ve run across, the ones we install for nearly all of our client’s sites.
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Top 10 WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard of – 2009 Edition

WordPress in itself is a decent system but it can be made into a rock solid blogging beast. Adding plugins can make WordPress into the Swiss Army Knife of blogging: just pull out whatever functionality you need for your specific blog!

Many people have asked me for my list of top WordPress plugins. Of course I’ve written quite a few myself, but I’d thought I’d share with you what I think are the best WordPress plugins out there.
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Top 10 Coding Mistakes in WordPress Plugins

I’m going to share a list of the most common mistakes, errors, misunderstandings, bad habits or wrong design decisions I’ve encountered while reviewing all these 43 plugins. Some are highly critical stuff (I’ve contacted 3 plugins authors after finding serious security holes in their plugin), some are more potential annoyances than real bugs, or are just causing a waste of server resources that could be avoided, but all have something in common: they’re trivial to fix.

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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

If you use wordpress, you might consider using adsense plugins. This makes life easier by preventing you to insert the code for each and every post your make. There are several plugins that will automate the process.Here are some of the most popular Google adsense wordpress plugins

WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings.

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