Mark Smalley, a WordPress Plugin develop-new WordPress geo-location

Mark Smalley, a WordPress Plugin developer, has been working on two new WordPress geo-location projects, gPress and GeoPress .

The gPress WordPress Plugin allows for the creation of geo-tagged places, as well as the development of custom location-based services on top of it. gPress can be downloaded from the WordPress directory.

GeoPress is described as “the very first Location-Based-Service in a box.” Smalley explains:

GeoPress will allow users to build their very own geo-relevant networks, built from the round-up as a geo-social-platform, GeoPress utilizes core functionality from WordPress by being developed on an open GPL license and utilizing BackPress.

Smalley has listed GeoPress on IndieGoGo, a website for listing and funding independent projects, in order to gauge community interest in his project, and ultimately raise money for its development

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