How to Find Id Of A Category, Post, User, or Comments in WordPress

August 21, 2019

WordPress assign a unique number to each and every item in the site. For example, the User ID is a unique number generated by the WordPress system to help you to identify each user on a website. Sometimes while installing a new theme or arranging multiple items in your WordPress site, you will need to find a user ID , post ID or category ID.  There are different ways to find the ID.

How to find Category Id in wordpress

From your wordpress admin, Go to Posts » Categories 


Move the mouse over the Category title (without clicking) and notice the URL that shows up at the bottom left corner of the browser, as shown in the above screenshot. On the link look for the part tag_ID=a, where ‘a’ is the WordPress category ID.


Click on the category name. WordPress will open the category editor page. Look at the browser address bar. You will be able to see the category ID in your browser’s address bar.



Simply move the mouse cursor over the WordPress Category name and right click on it . Select Copy Link Location’ or ‘Copy Link Address’ from the right click menu and paste the URL to a text editor such as notepad

How to find post Id in wordpress

Navigate to the Posts page from the WordPress Dashboard left hand side menu. Once you are there, click on the Post whose ID you are looking. The post will open in post editor, and you will be able to see the post ID in your browser’s address bar like this:

Post Id can also be found using Method1 & Method2 as explained above.

How to find page Id in wordpress

Go to the Pages menu. Use the same methodsas described above to find page Id.

How to find user Id in wordpress

Go to Users » All users and pass the mouse over the user name. WordPress will open the user’s profile and you can get the user ID from browser’s status bar.

You can use other methods described above to find user Id.

How to find Comment Id in wordpress

From wordpress admin, go to the Comments section. Simply pass mouse over Edit link under the desired comment. You will be able to see the comment id in your browser’s status bar like this: