How To Enable Threaded Comments In WordPress-Tips and Tricks

the thread, we can comment not only the post, but also comment the existed comment. So it look like a reply within reply. So the hierarchy of the comments would be better and also, the commenter could get commented by the other commentator.

As you can see above, there is subcomments within comments, just like folder in our computer, isn’t it ? :-)

How To Hack ?

Want a blog that has threaded comments navigation like forum does? It is easy because with plugin, we can hack WordPress in the way we like. So what’s plugin to make the WordPress has the thread comment? It is WP Thread Comment


  • One can reply on any exist comments.
  • The discussion will be displayed nested or threaded.
  • Easy to install. No hacking on WordPress or your theme is needed.
  • W3C compatible.
  • Customizable HTML / PHP / CSS on admin section.
  • AJAX support, enables to comment without reloading the whole page.
  • Choose AJAX or not freely
  • Get notification by email when reply is available.


Well, i must admit that the installation is a bit silly and little complicated, but it is easy and anyone can do this

  1. Download and unzip the Plugin package.
  2. Rename “wordpress-thread-comment” folder to “wp-thread-comment”
  3. Upload it to WordPress Plugin folder, ‘*WORDPRESSROOT*/wp-content/plugins/’
  4. Activate from Plugin page in the WordPress site admin.
  5. Have a check if there is a “reply” link on your exist comments.
  6. Other configurations like AJAX, HTML/CSS and more can be found in the option section in the site admin.

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