How to Display Featured Content in WordPress

February 03, 2014

You probably have stories in your archive that you might want to highlight and show to your readers. This is often referred to as “Featured Posts” or “Featured Content” in WordPress. Displaying these featured posts is easy, just use one of the following plugins .

ADL Post Slider

ADL Post Slider allows you to set posts as featured post and display them in a very beautiful slider.

Step 1: Install Plugin

From your wordpress admin go to Plugins >> Add New . Search and install ADL Post Slider .

Step 2: Set up featured Posts

Go to Posts>> all Posts screen and click on the star to mark featured posts.

Step 3: Create slider

Find “Post Slider” menu on left column of WordPress dashboard. Click on Add new.

Enter post title, Slider header, number of posts per slide, featured image,excerpt display options etc. Select post query type as featured posts to display only featured post. Publish the slider.

You can see the shortcode at the bottom of this page. You can also get this shortcode by clicking on “Post Slider” menu on left column of WordPress dashboard. Copy the template shortcode.

Step 4: Add code in template

Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor. Look for file named home.php or index.php. Since I don’t have home.php file, I’m going to add code in index.php file.

Copy the shortcode and paste it wherever you want to display the post slider.

Featured Post Creative

Step 1:

Install and Activate the ‘featured-post-creative’ list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Step 2: Set up featured Posts

Go to Post–> All Post and click the STAR to make post as a featured post.

Step3: Add the template code

  • <?php echo do_shortcode('[fpc_post_block limit="10"]'); ?>
  • <?php echo do_shortcode('[fpc_post_grid grid="3" limit="10"]'); ?>

Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin

Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin (YAFPP) provides a simple interface to show feature posts in your WordPress blog .

Step 1 : Search and install Plugin YAFPP.

SteStep 2: Set up featured Posts

Go to Posts >> All posts. Select featured posts by clicking the ‘featured stars’ within the post listing

Step 3 : Place following code

<?php if ( function_exists('get_featured_posts') ) get_featured_posts(); ?> wherever you want a list of featured posts in your templates