How to Add a New Post in WordPress

October 01, 2014

WordPress blog comes with a great visual editor to mixed with images, links, and other html elements. Here is a step-by-step process for writing a new post in WordPress.  Log into your WordPress administration panel(e.g. use URL: From your sidebar on left side, go to Posts > Add New

Add new Post

Now you can see Add New Post screen –  following fig illustrate 6 simple steps to write a post.

Write a Post
  1. Write your title

    Enter a title in the first line of the form. Always choose titles that will interest people and indicate what your article is about.

  2. Write your article

    Start writing your post in the wordpress text editor. The WordPress text editor can be used in 2 forms – the Visual Editor and the HTML Editor.  The visual editor is the default editing mode for WordPress. Click the “text” tab at the top of the text editor box to go to text editor mode and “Visual” tab to go to visual editor mode .

    Visual Tab

    Visual editor allows you to easily create, edit, and format your blog content similar to that of a word processor. Let us see some editing icons contained within the visual editor. Make yourself familiar with the options available. Pass your mouse over the icon and a small tooltip will appear describing the icon and its purpose.

    editing icons
    • Create bold, underlined, italic, strike-through  text: Highlight the text and click on bold, underlined, italic, strike-through icon.

      highlight the text and click on bold, underlined, italic, strike-through icon
    • Add, Edit & Remove Links
      To add a link, highlight the text you want to add link and then click on insert/edit  link icon. To edit a link, highlight the link you want to edit  and then click on insert/edit  link icon.

      Click on icon

      A pop-up box will appear. Enter the fields and click on Add link button.

      Insert link

      To Remove Links, select the link text and click on ‘Remove link’ icon.

      Remove link
    • Lists and Block quotes
      Lists and Blockquotes

      To create ordered list or unordered list, click on icon as shown in figure. Type your fist entry and hitting enter will create another list element.

    • Headings & Paragraph

      Click on the drop down box labelled “Paragraph.” to view different headings and paragraph formatting

    • To change text color

      text color
    • Adding images

      Add images
    • Text Alignment

      Text Alignment
    • Insert More tag
      Instead of displaying entire post on your home page, it is a good idea to extract the first part of your post followed by a “more…” link. This will give visitors a good overview of your content without making them scroll forever and they can read full content by clicking on the ‘ more..’ link.


      You can accomplish this by using insert more tag. See the fig below. Insert your cursor in the place where you want to display ‘more..’ link and click on “Insert read More tag” icon.

      insert more tag
    • Write your posts in HTML – If you’re ready to write your posts in HTML, click on text tab and write your article in the post content area.

    text tab
  3. Select Categories

    Now select in which category your article belongs to. Categories tie related posts. Categories help the search engines and readers find related articles on your blog. If you do not see relevant category there, you can add a category by clicking on “Add New Category” link.

    There are two ways to add Categories. They can be added while adding/ editing your Post or they can be added via the Categories menu option.

  4. Add Tags.

    Tags are another way to tie related posts. While categories are general, tags are specific.

  5. Preview your article.

  6. Publish your article.

    See the fig above. WordPress offers additional option while publishing a post.


    Click on the Edit link next to “Visibility: Public”:You can make your post public and make it a sticky on the front page or you can choose to password protect it or make it completely invisible to people that are not logged in to your blog.

    Click on the Edit link next to “Publish immediately“. You can also setup your post to be published in the future. Just set the date/time you want your post to be published.