Display Pingback/Trackback Counts in Admin Post Columns

By default, the post list in your WordPress only displays comment count but does not display pingback or trackback counts. Pingbacks/trackbacks are important to get your blog popular and to know who is sharing your post. It also knows how many sites are share your link. There are good and bad pingbacks/trackbacks. Good pingbacks/trackbacks help make your site popular but bad ones drag you down. Viewing this in a convenient location in WordPress reminds you that you need to check this often the way you check at comments. All you need is to copy and paste simple code, suggested by WPrecepies.com below functions.php and save it. Once saved, your pingback/trackback counts are displayed within admin post columns.

Read full guide here: http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-display-pingbackstrackbacks-count-within-admin-post-columns

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