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WP eBooks launches as a resource for Multisite users-a new source of commercial Plugins

Ron and Andrea Rennick have launched WP eBooks , a new source of commercial Plugins, documentation, and support for users working with WordPress Multisite. The site offers two products on launch: Networks + is a Plugin that allows the launching of child sites on top of child sites. WP Replicator is a Plugin that duplicates […]

Is your WordPress Blog Wasting Google’s Time?website strategies

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been focusing on traffic building, link building and SEO on my WordPress blog. All three of these website strategies go hand in hand and all build on each other.  In this post I will discussing how to make sure your WordPress blog is running efficiently.

Highly Sensitive Optical Multilevel Transmission of Page Sensitive Multi-Level Navigation

I ran into just such a situation for a client and while I”m also not a fan of left hand navigation it was the decision of the client to utilize it in conjunction with their top navigation, and in retrospect it made sense for them. To keep things easily navigable we also implemented breadcrumbs (which […]

The Great Comment Debate — Who Really Cares What You Think?

The debate over comments on blogs is as old as blogging — the meme recently resurfaced when Zoli Erdos declared that The Official Google Blog is not a blog because it doesn’t allow comments. Mike Arrington amplified the debate by running a poll about whether comments are required for a blog to be a blog. […]

How to increase WordPress memory limit, the easy way

you ever had error that reads “Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted”, then you need to increase WordPress memory limit. This can be done very easily and may solve really frustrating problems.

Automatically add post name to the body class-WordPress hack

Introduced in WordPress 2.8, body_class() is a very useful function when it comes to styling themes. In this recipe, I’ll show you how you can add post name to the function for an even easier styling.

How to easily enable-disable debug mode in WordPress when something goes wrong

WordPress have a debug mode which allow you to easily get information when something goes wrong. To enable the debug mode, you have to add a constant to the wp-config.php file. But what about an easy way to switch on the debug mode, even without accessing wp-config.php?

How to display your average feed readers

Many bloggers are using Feedburner “chicklet” to display their subscribers count. If you want to be able to display the count for an average 7 days, here is a piece of code you’re going to love.

Post Pic Add a Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress blog

I think I just identified a pretty major bug in Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, which allows webmasters to write data on FB’s social graph, which cannot be ‘deleted’ *if* they should they make a mistake when they initially implement the code into their website. And due to the way FB presents the tool and the code […]

10 Killer WordPress Hacks -WordPress Tutorial

a fantastic list of 10 useful WordPress hacks to unleash the power of your favorite blogging engine. Each hack has an accompanying explanation, so you’ll not only unleash the power of WordPress but also understand how it works.

Use the Search and Replace Plugin to change your site content

I used this Plugin most recently to replace certain image URL strings. When I moved Theme Playground posts into WPCandy, a number of the image URLs pointed to the (now) wrong address.

How to rethink the default WordPress next-previous links

One of the toughest things to do is question standards. When something works a certain way, all the time, it’s difficult to question whether it is working the way it should be. When something is, it’s hard to ask if it should be.

Images In WordPress -Randy Hoyt -OpenCamp

Randy Hoyt demonstrates how to use many of the image-related features and functions in WordPress: * configuring your media settings for your theme

Meet The WordPress.org Support Forum All-Stars

James Huff has published a list of this years WordPress support forum all-stars on WeblogToolsCollection.com. The list includes some familiar names such as Otto, mrmist, and andrea_r.

WordPress Is More Functional Over Time

Ozh of PlanetOzh.com has a great post filled with tidbits of information he has gathered from mining 54 different WordPress releases ranging from 0.7.1 to 3.0.1. Not surprisingly,

ScribeSEO-Maximize WordPress SEO with ScribeSEO

SEO has been one of those buzzwords which incites discussion and debate, whether you live by it or cringe upon seeing it.  Whether webmasters want to admit it or not, however, search engine optimization works if done correctly.  As a webmaster it falls upon you to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) on your website or […]

WordPress update -WordPress 3.0 is now live

When you log into your wordpress admin panel, you’ll see a message sitting on top of the panel that says “WordPress 3.0 is available! Please update now.”

Page.ly Vertical Platform lets partners run own WordPress hosting

The WPCandy WordPress Podcast -Theme Playground is now a part of WPCandy

For those who have followed my blogging for a little while, you will recognize the Theme Playground name. Theme Playground was the WordPress blog I wrote before acquiring WPCandy this year. As of today, all of Theme Playground lives at WPCandy.

WP Perfect Theme Features released

TricksDaddy has released WP Perfect, a free two-column WordPress theme. The theme includes a 3-column widgetized footer, an author profile box below posts, a theme options page to control basic settings and describes itself as “SEO-optimized.” WP Perfect is designed to look both professional and simple and to load pages in a minimal amount of time. […]