Wordpress Hacks

How to Exclude a Category in Your Homepage

There’s those times where you don’t want a post from one of your categories appearing in your stream of posts in your homepage. It could be an unrelated post, a short, quick guide, or an announcement that you want hidden because it has to exist elsewhere. With just a little bit of code, you can […]

How to Fix Internal Server Error in Your WordPress Blog

HTTP 500 or Internal Server Error is one of the most common errors that blog users, especially beginners put in panic. If this happens to your site, don’t panic, relax, take a deep breath and I’m sure if you read this post, you’ll get your site running in no time. But before we do that, […]

How to Duplicate a WordPress Database Quickly

Duplicating a WordPress database makes you WordPress blog more flexible. Either you duplicate because you need a backup or you want to set up a development site for your themes or features, duplicating makes it hassle free. A common duplicating method is to export a copy then re-import it into a new database on the […]

How to Make a Command Line in Your WordPress Blog

If you are a WordPress pro use, chances are you can get away with almost anything. Even the administrator panel seems to sluggish for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you can create an entirely new approach to your WordPress dashboard? Why not use a command line in it? Impossible? Not. To have a command […]

How to Remove URL Field Form in WordPress Comments

Spammers are attracted to WordPress blogs if in your comment section has a URL field in it. Having that field is not necessary to build interesting comments, spammers take advantage of it. If you have auto approval turned on, you might be surprised to ton of nonsense comments either to promote their website, or promote […]

How to Prevent Google From Indexing Your Images

Images are very rampant online that you can’t tell whether someone is using their own images or just “borrowing” these images from its direct creators. If you are one of those people that are annoyed by how bloggers use your images or you want to make your personal pictures become invisible online, you can do […]

How to Add a Store to Your WordPress Blog

Depending on your blog, you may run into thinking of setting up a small store in your blog. This is a great way to earn extra cash to cover your web hosting costs as well as providing readers with useful resources. If you think adding a store in your blog is difficult, think again. This […]

How to Add Your Own Widget Area in WordPress

Sometimes, WordPress themes don’t have the right number of widgets placed in proper locations. This can be frustrating because you like the theme, but couldn’t use it well because it lacks the number of widgets you need. Well, don’t you worry now because you can add your own widget area in WordPress. All you need […]

How To Use WordPress as Your Home Page

Do you know that you can use WordPress to be your homepage? It is not only possible but also very easy. It just needs a few steps. Creating a new WordPress page is one, then create another page for your recent posts, but you don’t have to create a content in it. You also need […]

How to Add Comments Bubble in Your WordPress Titles

If you have seen some blogs  where a number of comments in that particular post is displayed right next to the post title in a bubble, then envy no more because this article explains how  you can do it. You will just need to open your functions.php in your child theme (make sure to have […]

How to Exclude Post Categories in a Blog Page

If you are designing WordPress themes and you want to keep it clean, you may want to exclude some categories in a page that may not be relevant, or too unnecessary to have that many categories in a page. If you think it is difficult, you are wrong because this is very easy to do. […]

How to Limit the Number of Words in WordPress Excerpt

If you want to avoid listing the full contents of the article, WordPress has a feature which allows you to create an excerpt of the post as a summary of the content. In this article, you’ll learn how to create and control post excerpts to be displayed in your blog. The article will also teach […]

How To – Convert WordPress Theme to HTML5

HTML5 offers a lot of features and customization options you won’t find in HTML4.01. Why stick to outdated features when you can have the convenience of using HTML5 in your WordPress blog or website? This tutorial covers the things you have to do to convert your HTML4.01 WordPress theme to HTML5. You may find it […]

Include Stylesheets the Safe Way Using WordPress

There are several ways you can include files in the header. One way is to add the this code:  <script src=”…”></script> to your header but the better way you can do it is to use the WordPress function:  wp_enqueue_script(). In this way, you can safely include stylesheets in your WordPress and prevent you from starting […]

How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress

WordPress RSS feeds help readers to your blog keep you updated. But if you are creating a business site without blogging feature, you won’t be needing RSS. RSS or Rich Site Summary or often dubbed Really Simple Syndication is a web format in which it is used to publish frequently updated works. Landing pages, static […]

How to Add Responsive Slideshow to Your WordPress Theme

Creating a slideshow that will look good in either a computer or a mobile phone can be a daunting task. The good thing is that you can create a responsive slideshow to your WordPress theme using this trick. If you want to allure your customers with pictures and featured posts, then it is definitely recommended […]

Use CSS to Write a Call to Action Button

Gone are the days where you have to create your own call to action button from scratch because with just a few lines of code, and some modifications to match your website’s design, you can do so by employing CSS codes. This is the advantage of CSS3 is that you can make buttons even without […]

How to Create a Custom Thumbnail for Your WordPress Post

To make your blog more appealing to look at, use the post’s featured image as a thumbnail beside your latest post. Sometimes, WordPress’s default thumbnail sizes don’t fit the bill so this procedure will also help create #custom thumbnail sizes to any size you want. All you need to do is to edit a snippet […]

Customize Your WordPress Login Screen using CSS

Either you’re tired of your old WordPress login page, you want something new for your WordPress blog, or hack your logo into it, here is a way you can customize your login screen. It uses simple CSS code that you don’t need to meddle with CSS core files of your blog. You can not only […]

How You Can Tweak WordPress For ECommerce

WordPress has now become the favorite of eCommerce sites because it is easy to setup, and quick to configure. If you don’t know, you don’t need to use any software to set up an eCommerce site in WordPress because with some tweaks, it can be a decent ecommerce platform out-of-the-box. Here are some suggestions that […]