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Optimizing Your WordPress Site for SEO
How To Optimize WordPress For SEO (6 Action Steps)

We’ve seen a lot of great WordPressSEO tips and tricks out there, but not all of them are practical and easy toapply. In this article, we are going to change that and head straight for theactual, practical steps you can do to make your WordPress site search engineoptimized. Ready to get started?

How To Create A Child Theme in WordPress

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that produce the graphical interface for a wordpress website. You can find plenty of free or premium themes on internet. A good premium theme providers will aggressively Update their themes with new features and functionality Add more security features or bug Fixes Update any browser compatibility issue […]

How do I move WordPress from a sub directory to the root directory

Moving wordpress from a sub directory to root could be a pain in the neck. Follow this step by step guide to do it the right way.

How to Split a long WordPress Post into Multiple Pages – post pagination

You wrote a very long post and have some issues with load times on your posts, it is better to split that long WordPress post into multiple pages. Reading long posts can be hectic or boring for users. This can increase the bounce rate of your site. So for better presentation and readability, divide along […]

How to Use WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are independent content blocks designed to provide  specific function. Widget is a simple and easy-to-use way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content  or any widgetized areas of your theme. Widgets enable non-technical users to customize your theme without having to change any code. There are so many different widgets available. WordPress […]

5 ways to do remote publishing in wordpress

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have the ability to write WordPress posts without having to go on-line and login to your dashboard? This is a question that pops up often especially among WordPress owners who have to write multiple blogs. It would also be great to have a local back […]

Your WordPress Account Can Get Hacked Easily Over Wi-Fi Connection

If you are used to logging in to your WordPress account in a public Wi-Fi network like at malls or from your local coffee shop, anyone on the same connection can sniff your WordPress credentials. Anyone who knows how to use FireSheep can gain access to your WordPress account. This was discovered by Yan Zhu, […]

How to Unblock Limit Login Attempts

Oftentimes, WordPress hosting companies recommend to install a plugin like Limit Login Attempts. Although a nifty tool, sometimes Limit Login Attempts can be an annoyance as it can lock you out too if you entered a wrong password a few times.   The easiest solution is to delete Limit Login Attempts using FTP  then re-install […]

Change Permalinks Without Breaking Your WordPress Site

Changing the permalink structure of your site is always a pain in the neck. Before you do that, you have to be sure that you want to make this change because it can have a huge impact in your site’s SEO. This can also cause a lot of errors and broken links if handled incorrectly. […]

How to Remove Numbers from WordPress URLs

WordPress use post IDs instead of a keyword text URL. This is bad for SEO as your links won’t be related to any keyword that you are targeting. Oftentimes, WordPress will add -2 in front of your post, category, or tag URLs which looks ugly for end users. Although WordPress has a built-in support for […]

Add JQuery Tooltips to Your Comment Forms in WordPress

Comments allow users to engage with the content in your your website. This is why it is important to make your comments section more attractive by creating a comments layout and comment forms that are user-friendly as well as good looking.   In this post, we’ll show how to add JQuery tooltips to your WordPress […]

How Do WordPress Brute Force Attack Works

Did your site ever had a brute force attack? Are you aware of it? In this post made by Tony Perez of Scuri Blog, he tells the story of how a brute force attack was able to hack into his site  and how an unused WordPress theme was used as a medium to to do […]

How to Exclude Sticky Posts from the Loop

Stick Posts are great for highlighting your featured content, but there are certain places in your site where you don’t need a sticky post. WordPress cannot guess a certain area or page where you don’t want a stick post, so in this article, you’ll be taught how to take away the sticky feature of the […]

Replace the Default Theme and Plugin Editor of Your WordPress Site

By default, the theme and plugin editors of your WordPress site is just a plain text editor. So if you are aiming for a development tool right in your site, you are out of luck because the text editor included is only meant for taking a quick look at the code or make some minor […]

Coding Tips and Tricks for Your WordPress Site

If you are a coder or developer who is looking for ways to set your website apart, this article is for you. This article will demonstrate how to code and integrate several snippets to your WordPress website or blog.  It will aim to improve the functionality, security, and the look of your website.   In […]

Shortcode to Embed Google Trends Graph in Your Pages

Google trends will help you decide what post will be trending and what won’t. Google trends show graphs of how popular a search term is at a particular event. It is useful for your post so you can determine what your readers are actually searching for when looking for your post. Here is a shortcode […]

Huge List of WordPress Code

Either you’re a designer or  a customization freak, you can  benefit from this huge list of codes for your WordPress site. This huge list of codes are taken all over the net and consolidated into one blog post for easy reference. Codes include post customizations like displaying the most recent posts, displaying recent comments, top […]

How to Protect Your Images Against HotLinking

Image hotlinking is a way most spammers display images to their blog using your own bandwidth. This in turn hogs your bandwidth; therefore causing you to pay more than what you need or getting your site exceed bandwidth limit for no reason. To fight against image hotlinking, we enter a command in the .htaccess file […]

How to Add Custom Bullet Points in Your Blog

If you need to portray chunks of information to your readers, a bullet point is an effective way to do it. Sometimes, the usual bullet point appearance doesn’t display what you want to actually say to them that as a result, their eyes get tired of your posts. Bullet points make it easy for readers […]

How to Add WordPress Widgets in Your Blog’s Post and Page

Widgets are an easy way to add or remove items to your WordPress blog or website. However, most themes don’t have enough space to add plenty of widgets. So, if you saw a beautiful theme but lacks the needed widgets for your site, you simply abandon all hope and find a new WordPress theme. Do […]