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WordPress is the best platform available to create a website for your business. First you need a reliable hosting for your site. In the past, Shared hosting was the most popular type of used by beginners. Today however, due to the popularity of WordPress, several hosting providers have chosen to provide specialized WordPress hosting known as . A traditional web hosts simply provide the hardware for developers to build wordpress website.But a managed WordPress hosts focus more on supporting WordPress too. The prices of managed WordPress hosting is quite higher than the average shared hosting. If you’re a tech savvy or a beginner who is starting a blog, then a traditional host is most likely the best route. For companies with a high-traffic website, we recommend managed WordPress hosting.

Godaddy added the managed WordPress hosting to their services. In managed WordPress hosting, GoDaddy takes care of managing the technical side of things, including server set-up, security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups and performance optimization. With GoDaddy Managed WordPress, customers won’t have to worry about manually updating wordpress plug-ins or themes, as it will be done automatically. GoDaddy also offers added security in the form of firewalls, malware scanning and automated security patching. When a sign up with their managed WordPress hosting, the latest version of WordPress automatically installed in the root directory. And when customers launch into their accounts, they will be redirected to WordPress admin panel.

WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy

Managed WordPress Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

WordPress is a great platform to start a blog or to create a website. The first thing you need is a  good wordpress host. While starting out, having a shared web hosting is enough for you to manage but as your site grows, you need optimized wordpress hosting. For instance, let us say you want to add more plugins to provide advanced functionality to your site. However, use of too much plugins will slow down your website. Additionally, you can expect more frequent maintenance releases from these plugin/theme providers. So it becomes more complicated to manage. Now if your thinking of hiring a system admin to do the managing for you, why not try first.

What Will I Get From Managed WordPress Hosting?

  • A managed wordpress hosting provider gives you a WordPress-optimized hosting environment, to improve your site performance. These managed hosting solutions are built on specially tuned hardware and software designed to run WordPress as fast and securely as possible.
  • Managed WordPress hosting saves you from performing any maintenance, wordpress core/theme/plugin updates, and other related task to keep your WordPress up and running in its most optimal state.
  • They will take care of server setup, security, backups, even performance optimization.
  • Managed wordpress hosting has support staff with good knowledge in wordpress.

When Do you Need a Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed wordpress hosting is a bit higher than a shared web hosting. So what is it’s difference over shared web hosting where it is a lot cheaper than managed? And why is it more expensive? Do you really need a managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting focuses in managing your server. You, on the other hand, will just think about creating post, designing a good website, marketing, and all things that need to be done so your website will be popular. However, is managed WordPress hosting made for everyone? If your website attracts traffic everyday, you may need a managed WordPress hosting. But if not, it all depends on your personal needs, your budget, and how well you know managed WordPress hosting.

Have a look at this article: 9+ Best Managed WordPress Hosting providers and see if managed WordPress hosting is meant for you.

WordPress Web Hosting: 5 Must-Know Tips

WordPress is a popular Content Management System and also known as the best in feature when it comes to hosting blogs. Finding the right web hosting provider for your WordPress site is easy, here are some tips:

1. Free or Self-Hosted?

WordPress has 2 kinds of hosting service, free and self-hosted. If you are unsure, go for the free option first. But do take note that if you are planning to earn money from your site or blog is that to immediately look for a provider for site ranking reasons. If you do not do it, your websites rank will start from scratch when you transferred from WordPress free hosting site to a paid hosting provider.

2. Should I buy Domain names in WordPress?

You can have your domain name registered in WordPress for only $14 per year but here are some reasons why you should register a domain name in third-party WordPress web hosting providers rather than on WordPress itself.

  1. You are still in WordPress, which means you don’t have the right to put ads in your free site.
  2. You won’t get that www. instead

3. Why Opt-in For WordPress Web Hosting Providers?

  • First WordPress is free but limted, once your website/blog became popular, WordPress will request you to opt-in for their own hosting service which is 100x more expensive than commercially available web hosting providers.
  • Get rid of the WordPress limitations. Do whatever you like put ads, install plugins, or do whatever content you like that WordPress restricts in their free service. Moreover, violate one of WordPress’ TOS and your blog will get deleted.
  • Other than limitation, there are also a ton of customization options that WordPress do not add in their free service, having your own web service provider means that you can do whatever customization you like.
  • Other than looking professional because of a registered domain name, your website or blog will be faster, can take more visitors without the heavy traffic, you can install plugins and use automated scripts to help with your blog or website.

4. How To Find The Best WordPress Web Hosting Provider?

The first thing to look for is that it must meet or exceed WordPress’ minimum requirements. Next is that it should have the latest version of Apache, MySQL and PHP installed. It should be compatible with the latest WordPress version, or should be able to update to the latest WordPress version without hassles. And it should offer quick install script for easy WordPress installation. Click here to get best wordpress hosting deals.

5. What Other Things Should I Look For in A WordPress Web Hosting Provider?

Other than the price, here are the important things to look for in a web hosting provider:

Uptime. The uptime is the availability of the servers. If servers are down most of the time, this is bad for your business. Recommended uptime is 99.9% and should not go lower than that.

Customer Service. In a web hosting provider, having superb customer service is a must. Customer support should not outsource staff,should be knowledgeable at what they do, and should be fast and reliable at all times. Also, have a look at their list of methods where you can ask for support.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

Wordpress Hosting  requiementsSince this site is dedicated for wordpress lovers, thought should add a post about .

Following guidelines may help you decide.

  • A good web server that supports PHP and MySQL(see below) , Apache is preferred
  • PHP – Make sure your web hosting account has support for PHP v 4.3 or later.
  • MySQL: Your web host should support MySQL database version 4..2 or later.

A note about web server:  WordPress can work in any web server that supports PHP and MySQL. But we noticed that in Windows servers, it works, but has performance issues. We suggest that a Linux web server that that supports PHP and MySQL (see versions above), are best candidates for wordpress hosting.

Installing wordpress: Once you find a suitable web host, you caninstall wordpress using following options

Hard way: Once you find a suitable web host, you can download WordPress and then transfer the entire download into your web hosting via ftp and then follow instructions as in WordPress Installation Guide.  This also includes creating a MySQL database manually from your control panel. 

Easy way: If your web host offers a one click wordpress install, then from your control panel in web host, you can easily install and create a wordpress blog under 2 minutes. This is not only a time saver, but also saves you other headaches explained above. This article is a good help  in this regard.

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