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16 Free WordPress Themes Built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a responsive framework for building websites and applications. Bootstrap is home to the best WordPress themes in the market. It’s responsive feature makes it an ideal theme to those who markets their websites in different platform. Bootstrap has been around long enough to have plenty of user base that results in so many […]

best girly wp themes
Top 12 Cute and Girly WordPress Themes

If you want to create a blog or website which will attract girls particularly teens these cute and girl-themed WordPress theme. These WordPress themes are free, you can try and install any time you like. GirlyDiaries GirlyDiaries is a free WordPress theme with 2 columns, and is widget ready. It has a fixed width and […]

Free WordPress Themes You Need to See

Need to spice up your blog but don’t have the money for it? Then try these free themes. Do you know that there are some awesome themes around that you don’t need to spend a penny. Use them as is or create your own, or hack it to make changes. Whatever your plan is, take […]

Top 10 WordPress Blog Themes

Starting a blog can be tough as you have to figure out a niche for your blog, set up a blogging schedule, and be consistent with the overall look and feel of your site. Getting the right theme is one of the most important things to have in your blog as it shows what you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Child Themes

What is a WordPress Child theme? Does this child have a parent? Why is it called a Child Theme?   The answer is simple. A WordPress Child Theme is basically a WordPress theme that borrows template files and functionalities from a WordPress parent theme. A parent theme is a the main theme that the child […]

What is a WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress theme frameworks let developers create theme layouts quickly without having to do a lot of coding. This makes their life easy, and their users happy as regular updates happen quickly and there it doesn’t affect the overall experience of the users in every update. Almost every WordPress theme designers prefer a framework-based approach nowadays. […]

How to Create Responsive WordPress Themes

If you want your site to be updated with the latest technologies, then you must have already made your site optimized for the mobile web. If not, this tutorial will teach you how to create a mobile-friendly theme using a responsive layout. The first step in creating a responsive theme is to design your site […]

Free WordPress Themes Built With Bootstrap

Boostrap has been around longer, and has larger user base compared to other frameworks. And as BootStrap has already joined the flat design craze in its 3.0 release,the model and basic UI components were greatly improved. Also BootStrap 3.1 has introduced an official Sass support, further expanding its network. Here is a selection of the […]

How to View the System Information of Your WordPress Site

When working with your WordPress site or when asking for support in forums, you may need to send them a system information about your WordPress hosting environment. They may need to know what version of PHP you are in, your permalink settings, what are your upload filesize limits, and other important information. This information is […]

GovFresh WP: Free WordPress Theme for Governments

GovFresh, a government and technology blog launched a new WordPress theme to protect and promote the use of open source software to governments. Government sites are usually left behind when it comes to site design and ui. Most of these sites looked as if it hasn’t been updated since 1999. GovFresh tries to tackle these […]

Fullby: Magazine-styles Theme Based on Bootstrap

Fond of images in your site? Do you want to showcase your portfolio in the cleanest, and most presentable way possible? Fullby is the right theme for you. Fullby is a beautiful WordPress theme that was released last week by Andrea Marchetti. It is a fully responsive theme that is based on Bootstrap and offers […]

Free WordPress Themes Based on Twenty Thirteen

WordPress 3.8 development is marching forward and we’ll see it in beta very soon. Along with this update is the new twenty fourteen which will be the default theme of the next release. However, we can’t forget the default theme of WordPress 3.7 – Twenty Thirteen. It’s minimal approach paved the hearts of many WordPress […]

Free WordPress Writr Theme Now Available

Last week, WordPress.com released Writr, a beautiful tumblelog theme for those who likes to input post formats on different types of content. Self-hosted wordpress can now get this theme for free via WordPress.org. All you need to do is install the theme in your dashboard and experience the beauty of this theme. Writr is a […]

How to Configure Your WordPress Theme

Themes will allow you to create a unique look and feel for your blog or website. Themes in WordPress can be installed by uploading it to your site and selecting it. Which means you can change how your site looks with just a few clicks. However, our knowledge about themes shouldn’t end here. Developer, or […]

Stunning New WordPress Themes

If you are not a designer putting a WordPress site together might be a bit of a challenge. This is because most of the visitors that will go to your blog will likely like what they see based on how you present your blog to them. These breathtaking new themes might just give your blog […]

Best Full Screen WordPress Themes for Photographers

toWordPress has a lot of portfolio-styled websites that photographers are craving for. Such themes provide them an easy way to work with theor photos, update new content whenever needed, and display their works in one single page.   There are thousands of WordPress themes made for developers. So, either if you want to showcase your […]

Cherry Framework – Free WordPress Framework with 300 Child Templates

Cherry Framework is a WordPress framework available in Template Monster. If you have been developing themes for years now, then you know about Template Monster. The framework is released in 2012 and is currently under version 2.3. By using this framework, you’ll have access to more than 300 various themes from Template Monster. The Cherry […]

30 Professional Themes With Multiple Layouts

What I like about WordPress is that there are a ton of options available to your site. You aren’t just limited to a static theme for your site because there are so many WordPress designers out there that you’ll eventually be bombarded with so many options. Say for example, you want a professional website. Finding […]

Best WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotels are all over the place. The competition is so tight that if you are left out from the latest business strategy, you won’t last in the industry. Get a website so visitors will be able to book online, and settle transactions faster than when a user walks into your hotel. Moreover, it will increase […]

How to Display Post and Pages in a Grid Layout

A grid layout is a creative way to display images and items from your portfolio. However, you can also use a grid layout to display post and pages to your website. This makes your posts not only attractive but interesting to readers. Responsive grid layout is the best way to display and manage the content […]