Performance Tests Using a $10 WordPress VPS Hosting

What sort of performance you’ll get under a $10 WordPress ? In this post, the author used load testing service to determine what sort of performance can had from various server configurations at  a $10 per month VPS hosting package.


If you think you can’t get anything from a $10 VPS hosting, think again. This post from puts the $10 hosting to the test. There may be some room for improvements, but still gaining 40 million hits a day isn’t bad at all. If you need performance and can’t manage it yourself, a managed WP hosting i s perfect but if you want a good web hosting solution, dedicated hosting is still the best.


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How to Move Your WordPress to Another Server

Moving your blog within your server is easy, it just need to accomplish a few tasks and your website is good to go. However, moving  your WordPress blog from one server to another is a daunting task and it needs special attention to details. In this guide, you need to know a few information and take note of the pointers on how you can move your WordPress site from one server to another. The trick in a successful migration is to backup everything before migrating. You don’t want to lose all your hard-earned posts and everything in it and start over again, do you?


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Things To Know Before Hosting a WordPress Blog

Free WordPress won’t get you anywhere the way hosting your WordPress blog can do to you. However, finding a hosting solution for your blog is not that easy as there are a lot of hosting providers out there offering either cheap or best service but neither both. Hosting a WordPress blog takes careful consideration because taking things for granted makes hosting your worst experience ever. It is necessary that you have knowledge in hosting a WordPress blog, good thing presents us with lists and tips on what to look for in hosting your WordPress blog. Dedicating your time and effort in knowing these information will greatly benefit your blog and even your career.

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