How to create a sortable table in WordPress?

Last week,  I did a wordpress article that does a Speed comparison of Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes. Initially I collected and compiled my data in a Google drive spreadsheet. Once data was ready, I wanted to present the data in a wordpress post, in a way that reader should be able to sort the data […]

17+ Best Premium WordPress Theme Providers

A search on Google Trends for “WordPress” shows “WordPress Themes” topping the list There are so many themes and theme providers for WordPress out there that if you have just started using the platform you’ll get lost in confusion. So we’ve decided to compile the best place to get WordPress themes and who are the […]

WordPress to Standardize Theme Support for Site Logos

WordPress.com inctoduced a new site logo feature just recently with the goal of standardizing the way themes present logo upload. When you change a new theme, you lose a logo. Although developers have a their ways of incorporating logo upload, it is not portable across themes. The new site logo feature lets you display the […]

How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide
How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide

So whats’s your reason to start a blog? People create blogs for many reasons. Some people start a blog to teach others about a topic while others start blogging simply to have fun.  Everyone has their own reason. How to start a blog? There are many free blogging platforms are available to set up a […]

What Are SEO Keywords and Why Are They Useful to Drive Visitors to Your Website

Keywords in SEO are the individual words or phrases that users enter into search engines like Google, or Bing to find what they are looking for. SEO keywords are usually one word, two words, and can even be a phrase.   Different business and products have their own set of keywords that are relevant to what […]

Master WordPress Visual Editor With These 14 Tips

When I began using WordPress for my blogs, I find that WordPress’ visual editor or the WYSIWYG editor to be easy to use, that the text editor itself. However, in my years of using the Visual editor it’s starting to slow me down. If you want to increase your productivity, these lesser known tricks can […]

Improve the Visibility of Your Website with SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of working to improve the position of your website in search engine results. Your goal is to let people discover your website first when looking for a specific item or asking questions related to your blog or business.   SEO is an ongoing process and it requires […]

How Long Does Building a Website Take

This post from wpshout.com is an inspiration from Brian at Post Status about How Much a Custom WordPress Website should cost. Throughout the post, Brian points out that pricing is hard and a website can truly make the most out of everything depending on the client’s needs. In this post, the author states not the […]

How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?
How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?

Themes determine how content is displayed on your WordPress Powered website. They are simply HTML pages with specific PHP embedded code. A theme can be as simple as index.php page, or it might contain additional files linked to Posts, Pages, Archives & a number of included images (Leary, 2010). WordPress is designed to let you […]

How to Automatically Create a WordPress Post from a YouTube Video

If you have a YouTube post and a WordPress blog, isn’t it too tedious and time consuming to create another post, right after you uploaded a YouTube video? What if you can automatically create  a WordPress post as soon as you upload a Video on your YouTube Channel?   In this post, we’ll show you […]

Here’s a Sneak Peak of WordPress 4.0

  WordPress 4.0 Beta was released yesterday. This is a major release that comes with really cool features and improvements. Please note that WordPress 4.0 is still in beta, some  of  the features here might not make it to the final release. You can test WordPress 4.0 beta on your PC, Mac, or in a […]

Some Quick Tips in WordPress Site Migration

Unless you really have to, WordPress site migration is your last resort. This process is not easy. In fact, without additional tools to migrate your site to another URL, this is probably one of the most technical jobs an adminstrator can perform.   Thankfully there are some great and free plugins that will do WordPress […]

WordPress vs Blogger: The Battle for The Best Blogging Platform

Oftentimes, people who want to start their own blog ask the same old question: WordPress or Blogger? Aren’t we all over this already? It is obvious that you choose WordPress over Blogger as it has plenty of customization options, enhanced security, and because of plugins. All of which aren’t available in Blogger. If this isn’t […]

How to Do a Guest Post Properly

If you are looking for a way to bring in site traffic, then you should consider guest posting. Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure for your website. If you do it right, you can substantially increase your relevant and targeted traffic. Your visitors can turn into potential customers and clients if nourished […]

Three Easy Steps to SEO for WordPress

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy wherein we use keywords, links, etc so that our site will get noticed by searched engines, and put us on top of search engine results. SEO, at first, sounds complex and difficult to understand. With so many myths and theories out there, it’s no surprise that thinking […]

Why WordPress?

People often mistake #wordpress as only a blogging platform like Blogger and Tumblr, however, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It is a #content management system that can help you create a simple blog or a website depending on your needs. WordPress is a flexible platform and […]

What Open Source, and GPL Mean for WordPress Business Users

#wordpress is a free and open source software; it costs nothing to use and is built collaboratively by volunteers across the world. Most of the time people have some concerns in using free software especially for businesses. Usually if it’s free, people doubt and they might be thinking: “There is a catch, right?” But no. […]

Beginner’s Guide to WP_Query

If you have spend much time around #wordpress, then there is a good high probability that you have come across the term “WP_Query before. However, if you are totally new to the concept, then let us guide you through it. WP_Query is a #php class that has certain properties but it contains a lot of […]

Quick Guide to Those Writing About WordPress

#wordpress is one of the most popular CMS in the world that has taken interest not only to blog owners, but companies and enterprises themeselves. As a veteran in the platform, it is easy to forget that there are new users of WordPress everyday. As someone who writes about WordPress for a living, it is […]

Top 5 Effective Ways to Market Your Blog

If you want to get noticed on the web, create a high quality dynamic content. it is the best way to keep users coming to your blog. However, if you’ve just launched your website and want to gain traction, writing a high quality and dynamic content can be a daunting task. There are a number […]