New WordPress release – v3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release

WordPress.org has announced new release 3.4.2 and  is now available for download from your wordpress  dashboard. This  is a security release for all previous versions. After release of wordpress v3.4,  some bugs were identified and this release fixes it. Issues with older versions of browsers in the administration section Preview issues Plugin compatibility Pagination problems […]

How Viral Content Can Attract Members to Your Site

If you want to attract members to your WordPress membership site, the best way is to use free content. No matter what niche and type of site you have, you can’t attact members without free content. What is even better is that your free content goes viral. Good quality content makes a WordPress blog successful […]

Online Classes for WordPress Users

When you have spent more time creating a website or blog only to discover that a few web users are visiting your creation, then you need to take an SEO class. There are several factors to consider in making your website visible other than just a good content. The best and the fastest way to […]

How Important is a WordPress Upgrade

Upgrades help improve a site’s performance, stability, and security. Having a WordPress ugraded whenever it has one is very beneficial since old WordPress version may be the target for hackers. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned name and Numbers was recently hacked because they failed to upgrade their WordPress. ICANN is a high profile blog, […]

Display Your Latest Tweets in Your Blog Without Any Plugins

If you are using Twitter and you want to display your tweets in your WordPress blog there are various plugins available that will be able to do that. Although it allows easy customization to your blog, you may find that sometimes it does not do what you want it to do or even has more […]

Attract Members to Your WordPress Site Through Viral Content

Giving your readers free content is a good way to attract members to your WordPress site. It is even better if your content goes viral because it will be the talk of town when it becomes viral. The more people know about your viral content, the higher the possibility of attracting members to your WordPress […]

How Can You Help WordPress

Ever wondered how you can contribute to WordPress? The good news is WordPress is open source, you can help make WordPress better by participating in WordPress. For instance, if you know how to create a theme, then you can make free or premium themes that your fellow users can use in their blog or website. […]

Concepts of a Killer WordPress Website

Do you want to build  killer WordPress sites? Well, all it takes are some useful plugins like those plugin that can showcase your most popular blog post, suggest related posts the readers are searching for, an organized content, some hacks you can do to make your plugins and WordPress more useful than before, and most […]

20 Tools To Help Social Media Companies Use Blog More Effectively

Social media companies help marketing and blogging a lot easier using their site as an agent to create content and make it easy to promote your website. Some companies make social media even better by adding tools that will help their customers get more from what they actually want. Blogging is a powerful tool in […]

Ways To Improve Navigation in WordPress

If readers find it hard to navigate through your site, the change of gaining more readers is likely to be low. Navigation is an important feature in a blog or website because you show reader what they want faster. Even if you have the best content online, with poor navigation, it will be nothing if […]

CSS3 Tutorials That Are A Must See

If you are not in tune with CSS3 yet, here are some tutorials that you should know and you must learn. CSS3 made way to a more advanced features meaning you can now use a simpler and more versatile codes to get what you want compared to using the old CSS. Through these tutorials, you […]

WP Engine: Seamless Integration With Git

Despite git being a common practice in software development, WordPress didn’t use git until today. A few hours ago, WP Engine announced in their blog that they have launched seamless git integration for WordPress developers. Using git can give WordPress’ version control a breath of fresh air. With that, WP Engine has a guided documentation […]

How To Use WordPress for Project Management

Juggling numerous clients too stressful for you? Just imagine your clients, each with different task for you and each has its own requirements and preference. How will you be able to manage your time and at the same time meet those deadlines? While communicating through email seems like the best choice, you will be overwhelmed […]

Two Important Things To Do Before Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a great tool for blogging. As a matter of fact, it is the most widely used blogging platform. Before you start a blog in WordPress, you must do these two important things first as it will get you farther in the long run. Your don’t want abandon your blog in a few months […]

WordPress 3.5 Will Arrive on December 5, 2012

Andrew Nacin, WordPress’ release Leader announced that WordPress 3.5 will be released on December 5, 2012. This great news was discussed in the last dev chat session for WordPress 3.5. I hope you have upgraded to WordPress 3.4 because the next release will be very exciting. Fist off, lets start with what features the next […]

How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Website Malware

WordPress is a popular blog hosting platform so it is not a surprise that it is also targeted by website malwares. Although WordPress is an open source blogging platform, security holes can appear over once in a while and these are what malicious software are targeting. Preventing a malware from entering your blog is as […]

WordPress Web Hosting: 5 Must-Know Tips

WordPress is a popular Content Management System and also known as the best in feature when it comes to hosting blogs. Finding the right web hosting provider for your WordPress site is easy, here are some tips: 1. Free or Self-Hosted? WordPress has 2 kinds of hosting service, free and self-hosted. If you are unsure, […]

How To Install WordPress on the Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Before you recklessly pick web hosts only to find out that these hosting providers do not support WordPress nor meets the requirements to run it, let’s see how the best WordPress hosting providers around does that in just a few simple steps. But first, let’s see what are the requirements for a hosting provider to […]

Recommend related posts widget – Slide by SimpleReach

The Slide by SimpleReach is a widget that “slides” in at the bottom of the page and recommends related posts from within your site — increasing pageviews and time spent engaged.  The Slide is customizable and comes with a full analytics dashboard.  Here’s what it looks like in action (click and scroll down): http://bit.ly/pEEWYy A […]

WordPress 3.2-beta2 released

A brief summary of whats new in the beta release: Admin User Interface style is updated. Favorites menu item removed from admin pages jQuery –> updated to version 1.6.1 jQuery UI –> updated to 1.8.12. WordPress 3.2 requires PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15.