WordPress Plugin: Layered Popups

If you fancy having popups welcome your visitors to your page, then Layered Popup for WordPress is for you. Layed Popups is a new plugin available at CodeCanyon that allows you to display animated popups to your visitors.


If you are familiar with email subscriber capture, then this is probably something that you are more happy with. But, if you wanted to capture email subscribers by offering something different, then Layerd Popups for WordPress is for you.


This is a rather different but more stylish approach on how users are able to view your signup page.


Read the rest of the review here: http://wpin.me/layered-popups-wordpress-plugin-review/

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Insert Ads Within Post Content in WordPress

Have you seen blogs that have ads inside their post content? Those ads that are situated between paragraphs usually in the first and second paragraph. Most will wonder if these were automatically added by advertisers or bloggers manually insert them, or if there is a special code for this. In this article, we’ll show how to insert ads within the post content after certain paragraphs.


Don’t code it or manually insert the ads in each paragraph, through plugins it is possible. Simply install and activate the plugin called Insert Post Ads. Upon activation, you can now insert ads inside your content.


Read the rest of the tutorial here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-insert-ads-within-your-post-content-in-wordpress/

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Proofread Bot Checks Your Grammar For You

Do you want to get rid of your readers? Easy. Just place a post full of grammar errors and they’ll get out of your blog the sooner they see one. Don’t get your hopes high even if you are a native English speaker because even the most experienced ones tend to make mistakes from time to time.

This is where Proofread bot can help. Proofread bot is a WordPress plugin that can help track down your grammar errors and improve your writing.

To install this plugin, head over to WordPress.org and look for Proofread bot. Download the latest version, then head over to your WordPress Admin then upload and install the plugin.

Configuring this plugin is easy, follow the steps posted in this blog: www.wphub.com/proofread-bot-check-grammar/

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Securi as Your Security Plugin

As a WordPress user, security should be your topmost priority. Once your site encountered security holes or got hacked, finding a way to solve the problem will be tedious and time-consuming. If your skills and knowledge about WordPress security is fairly limited, better use a plugin to help you deal with the problem. This is where Securi should be the one and only plugin to use to secure your WordPress site. Securi is a simple, easy-to-use WordPress security plugin to safeguard your website. Here are some reasons you have to use Securi.

Server-side scanning – Securi scans your server to ensure that there aren’t any suspicious files being injected into the  server.

Website integrity monitoring – Securi checks every three hours to ensure that your site is free of any malware, suspicious programs, malicious iframes, etc. It also ensures that your site is not blacklisted from the popular services like Google, AVG, Norton, etc.


Read the rest of the post here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/opinion/reasons-why-we-use-sucuri-to-improve-wordpress-security/


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Theme Forest Updates New Guidelines for Theme Developers

ThemeForest, a WordPress theme marketplace has recently released a new guidelines for theme developers. The changes are fairly majors which that a there is a pretty share of people who agree with the changes and to people who don’t. As mentioned in the announcement, developers will have about eight weeks to get their theme within the new standards.

A lot of developers who don’t agree with the new requirements may have a lot of editing to do specially with the shortcode restrictions. Others like the fact of these new changes because it helps clean up the mess found in most ThemeForest themes.

Read the rest of the update here: http://wpmu.org/themeforest-developer-guidelines/

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How to Format Images for Feed Readers

If you want your images be displayed in your post be displayed just right, you will have a problem when your posts are displayed in a feed reader. You won’t have any control over how your posts will be displayed in various feed readers. By default, your images will be displayed inline with your texts which is a bit annoying.

This guide will show you how to display images correctly in almost any feed reader. Once done, expect that your posts are displayed the way you want it to be.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.pearsonified.com/2007/06/how-to-format-images-for-feed-readers.php

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Top 7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

For everyone who uses the same old dashboard everyday, it can feel a bit dull and demotivating, like your WordPress admin isn’t the most inspiring place to work. So here are some few plugins which can provide you with a brand new WordPress admin experience like you’ve never experienced before. These themes, usually installed in a form of plugins, give you a brand new experience to your WordPress admin dashboard. With these simple tweaks, you can start to have a productive day ahead.

Retina Press for example, is a plugin that brings modern design and Google webfonts to your WordPress dashboard. It has a custom login pag, and JQuery accordion menus for smoother animation.

Read the rest of the theme list here: http://wpmu.org/7-clean-and-inspiring-wordpress-admin-themes/

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Top 10 Social WordPress Themes

When you use social media in WordPress, it gives you a slight advantage from the rest of those that don’t use it. Facebook  and Twitter when used properly in your blog, create better traffic and makes your post more interesting. With that in mind, these top 10 social WordPress themes have themes that comes pre-loaded with social media integration from websites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Delicious, and many other social media.

My favorite is Revolution Magazine because it has a lot of customization options, widgets, and has a solid, intuitive look and feel.


You can read all the themes here: http://skyje.com/social-wordpress-themes/

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