5 Good Reasons Why WordPress Is Best for Businesses

When we think of building a fully-functional website for our business, which is the first CMS that comes to your mind? Of Course, our answer is going to be a WordPress.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the world’s most relevant open source content management system that can help you create a professionally-developed website, without any technical assistance. You can easily manage, customize, and extend the functionality of your site in a matter of few minutes by using WordPress’ themes, plugins, and other extensions.

Today, most of the businesses are opting for WordPress web development to grow their business online. Well, there are lots of other reasons that will determine why business should go for WordPress.

In this blog post, we will share some of the interesting reasons why you should opt for WordPress. This will encourage those businesses who are not using WordPress or for those who are new into the web development industry.

  1. WordPress Is Free

The best thing about WordPress is that it is a free open source CMS tool. It means you don’t need to pay for creating any kind of a website on WordPress. In fact, you never have to concern about the hidden charges or any other fees. You can simply download and install WordPress at free of charge.

Plus, it offers tons of free themes and plugins that you can use to build more engaging, more attractive and more professional site within a few clicks of button.

  1. Flexibility or Adaptability

WordPress offers a great flexibility to those who want to set up a dynamic website over WordPress. No matter what type of a website you want – it can be a personal blog, photography or portfolio based website, restaurants or travel website, e-commerce site or anything else.

WordPress has the ability to adjust according to your needs. In fact, it also comes with thousands of compelling themes and plugins that will help you build a custom website with ease. Read More

7+ Plugins To Increase Sales Of WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce is one of the most convenient open source tools available for creating an online store and it is one of the major attractions of getting a website built with WordPress.

A lot of people migrate from other platforms using services which convert from HTML to WordPress or transfer an existing interfaced from other platforms.

Building a virtual marketplace with the free plugin is just the first step an owner needs to take several steps to increase sales of WooCommerce stores and a list of plugins that will be helpful in the objective is being presented here. Read More

Best WordPress bookstore themes for your e-book store

Writing an e-book? Want to sell it online on your own bookstore website?

All you need is one of the best WordPress bookstore themes. The best features of WordPress are its openness and customization.

Many developers are trying their hard to make this platform better for authors and readers. When it comes to WordPress plug-ins, the theme plug-ins cannot be avoided.

Nowadays many amazing themes are available for the bookstore websites. To sell your e-book with ease you need to make it attractive so that the readers will show their interest to purchase the e-book.

Some themes are discussed below, which may help you to make your bookstore website an attractive one.

Read More

Pippity Review

Create popups that convert using Pippity – Detailed Pippity Review

People don’t like popups appearing on a website. They often see it as intrusive, particularly when they can’t get rid of it once an action is done. Email list is very important in a blog so letting your visitors know that you have a newsletter page right away is a great marketing effort as we all know, earning people’s trust is as hard as you expect it to be.

So when I learned about popups to use as a sign-up page for my newsletter, I had my doubts. Popups are the worst thing you can do to urge people to sign up, so why bother?
But then again, I recognized that many reputable sites are already using popups, I just didn’t realize it back then until I learned about Pippity.

What is Pippity
Pippity is a WordPress plugin that lets you create popups to invite people to sign up to your newsletter. Just like any other plugin, what you can do is install it to your WordPress blog, then configure it based on your needs.

The plugin allows you to create lightbox popups for your WordPress site. Here are some of the best features of Pippity:

Lets you have multiple popups.
Allows you to do split A/B testing.
Lets you show the popup only to logged out users.
Comes with analytics.
Allows custom cookies.
Has a popup bar feature

Design wise, Pippity has 8 pre-built themes. The themes have plenty of color choices, so you can choose the combination you like or select your own color. You can also do the following:

Enter the text for each selection you want to use.
Set the appearance of the popup.
Show how long the popup appears.
Set how many days before to show it again and how many days before it shows again to the same person.

Installing Pippity is basically the same process as installing a WordPress plugin, except that you need to connect your email newsletter service like Aweber to the plugin. Connecting the Aweber to Pippity is simply done by using the Automagic feature. This feature gives you clear instructions on how to connect to Aweber.

To setup your popup is pretty straightforward. Pippity will guide you through the 5 step process from choosing themes to connecting to your email newsletter service.

You have 16 themes to choose from and each of these themes are customizable. This is great if you don’t have the time or technical knowledge to create your own theme.


Once you’ve chosen your own theme, you can then tweak the design to your liking. You can do almost anything to change the look and feel of your popup. You can change the font style, font size, color of the popup, buttons, design elements, change its opacity, etc. For advanced users, do a complete overhaul of the selected theme using CSS.


After theme customization, you can tweak the theme to behave the way you want it like how man seconds before the popup appears, page views before it appears, submit behavior, and do basic filters like only show the popup to logged out users.


Advanced Settings
What I like about Pippity is that you can tweak it further. The power filter lets you further filter the popup to your liking and the events tab lets you do more advanced settings.

Connecting to a newsletter email service

Once you’ve tinkered with the settings, you can now connect this popup to your newsletter service. All you have to do is copy the webform HTML and Pippity will do the rest. You can also do custom form where you have the option to completely replace the standard form.

Screenshot from 2014-09-27 23:11:35

It doesn’t stop there, Pippity comes with a built in analytics feature. Here you’ll see real time analytics of how the plugin is working on your site. In this way, you can see what works out and what you need to focus in your popup.

Screenshot from 2014-09-27 23:15:02

For a opt-in popup with so many features, you’ll be surprised to know that this plugin only runs less than 1kb – it will not slow down your site. What’s more, the popup will only load after the rest of the site is loaded and only for the users who are about to see it.

Pippity is compatible with most mobile and desktop browsers and is even backwards compatible to IE6.

Pippity works with the following email newsletter services:
Campaign Monitor
Vertical Response
Active Campaign
Email Broadcast
Gravity Forms
Constant Contact

They are adding more services as we speak. If there is a service you’d like to have added to their list, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Pippity isn’t free, but you can do a test of their features at demo.pippity.com. In the demo page, you’ll be able to use all of the features and functions of the plugin only that you won’t be able to use it to your site. The plugin comes with three pricing options:

The personal plan gives you 1 year access to support and product updates, but is only limited to one website. This is great for personal blogs and website and to do a test run to see how it can add subscribers to your website. The price for personal is $49.

The business plan gives you 1 year access to support and updates for up to 5 websites. If you are managing 2 or more sites, this is a great deal as compared to $49 for a personal plan, the business plan only costs $87.

For serious developers or bloggers with plenty of sites to mange, this is perfect for you. Like the Personal and Business plan, the Developer plan has 1 year support and updates but what sets this apart is that you’ll have access to early beta releases and this version lets you use it for unlimited sites for 1 year.

Pippity is a WordPress popup plugin made for increasing positive sign ups. It is a powerful tool for designers and developers that wants a custom popup for their clients. Creating a simple popup is as easy as clicking a few elements in the page. You can also do custom popup with full functionality if you have CSS and HTML knowledge.

If you are serious about building your opt-in list, then go grab yourself Pippity.

[av_button label=’Get Pippity’ link=’manually,https://wordpressluv.com/pippity’ link_target=’_blank’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’444444′ custom_font=’ffffff’ size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue812′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-2kpxef’]




How Much Should a Custom WordPress Website Cost

If you want to start WordPress but is curious about how each website will cost, poststat.us has provided us a rundown of how much should a WordPress website cost. Based on the author’s experience, who is a consultant, he has build websites or have been a part of website projects that are all on WordPress and have a range in cost from under $1,000 to over $100,000.

The cost usually depends on your needs.

The author also states that a proper estimate will take time, and money. Estimates are expensive because they are time consuming.

If you are looking to hire a consultant, and don’t know what to consider with your WordPress site, this guide will help you.

Read the rest of the post here: http://www.poststat.us/wordpress-website-cost/

Best Analytics Solution for WordPress Users


Learning more about your users is vital to your success online. You need an analytics solution to gather data nad provide insightful reports of user activities in your site. Analytics can tell you where your users are coming from, what they are doing to your website, how long they have stayed in your site, etc.

Google Analytics is probably the most popular analytics solution available. It’s free, easy to use  and install. However, if Google Analytics is not your style, here are some others that might work for you.

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Why You Need Responsive WordPress Theme [Infographic]

There are so many WordPress themes out there that you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of themes available today. Even just by browsing through the WordPress repository can be a daunting and time consuming task. But with so many themes in the market, there is one kind of theme that you need to consider: WordPress Responsive Themes.

Responsive themes made it possible for your website to be viewed in most mobile devices and platform, regardless of screen size. It’s a requirement today as most web users are using mobile devices more than desktop computers.

Here’s an showing why you’ll need a WordPress responsive theme:




WordPress Plugin: Layered Popups

If you fancy having popups welcome your visitors to your page, then Layered Popup for WordPress is for you. Layed Popups is a new plugin available at CodeCanyon that allows you to display animated popups to your visitors.


If you are familiar with email subscriber capture, then this is probably something that you are more happy with. But, if you wanted to capture email subscribers by offering something different, then Layerd Popups for WordPress is for you.


This is a rather different but more stylish approach on how users are able to view your signup page.


Read the rest of the review here: http://wpin.me/layered-popups-wordpress-plugin-review/

Insert Ads Within Post Content in WordPress

Have you seen blogs that have ads inside their post content? Those ads that are situated between paragraphs usually in the first and second paragraph. Most will wonder if these were automatically added by advertisers or bloggers manually insert them, or if there is a special code for this. In this article, we’ll show how to insert ads within the post content after certain paragraphs.


Don’t code it or manually insert the ads in each paragraph, through plugins it is possible. Simply install and activate the plugin called Insert Post Ads. Upon activation, you can now insert ads inside your content.


Read the rest of the tutorial here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-insert-ads-within-your-post-content-in-wordpress/

Proofread Bot Checks Your Grammar For You

Do you want to get rid of your readers? Easy. Just place a post full of grammar errors and they’ll get out of your blog the sooner they see one. Don’t get your hopes high even if you are a native English speaker because even the most experienced ones tend to make mistakes from time to time.

This is where Proofread bot can help. Proofread bot is a WordPress plugin that can help track down your grammar errors and improve your writing.

To install this plugin, head over to WordPress.org and look for Proofread bot. Download the latest version, then head over to your WordPress Admin then upload and install the plugin.

Configuring this plugin is easy, follow the steps posted in this blog: www.wphub.com/proofread-bot-check-grammar/

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Securi as Your Security Plugin

As a WordPress user, security should be your topmost priority. Once your site encountered security holes or got hacked, finding a way to solve the problem will be tedious and time-consuming. If your skills and knowledge about WordPress security is fairly limited, better use a plugin to help you deal with the problem. This is where Securi should be the one and only plugin to use to secure your WordPress site. Securi is a simple, easy-to-use WordPress security plugin to safeguard your website. Here are some reasons you have to use Securi.

Server-side scanning – Securi scans your server to ensure that there aren’t any suspicious files being injected into the  server.

Website integrity monitoring – Securi checks every three hours to ensure that your site is free of any malware, suspicious programs, malicious iframes, etc. It also ensures that your site is not blacklisted from the popular services like Google, AVG, Norton, etc.


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Theme Forest Updates New Guidelines for Theme Developers

ThemeForest, a WordPress theme marketplace has recently released a new guidelines for theme developers. The changes are fairly majors which that a there is a pretty share of people who agree with the changes and to people who don’t. As mentioned in the announcement, developers will have about eight weeks to get their theme within the new standards.

A lot of developers who don’t agree with the new requirements may have a lot of editing to do specially with the shortcode restrictions. Others like the fact of these new changes because it helps clean up the mess found in most ThemeForest themes.

Read the rest of the update here: http://wpmu.org/themeforest-developer-guidelines/

How to Format Images for Feed Readers

If you want your images be displayed in your post be displayed just right, you will have a problem when your posts are displayed in a feed reader. You won’t have any control over how your posts will be displayed in various feed readers. By default, your images will be displayed inline with your texts which is a bit annoying.

This guide will show you how to display images correctly in almost any feed reader. Once done, expect that your posts are displayed the way you want it to be.

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Top 7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

For everyone who uses the same old dashboard everyday, it can feel a bit dull and demotivating, like your WordPress admin isn’t the most inspiring place to work. So here are some few plugins which can provide you with a brand new WordPress admin experience like you’ve never experienced before. These themes, usually installed in a form of plugins, give you a brand new experience to your WordPress admin dashboard. With these simple tweaks, you can start to have a productive day ahead.

Retina Press for example, is a plugin that brings modern design and Google webfonts to your WordPress dashboard. It has a custom login pag, and JQuery accordion menus for smoother animation.

Read the rest of the theme list here: http://wpmu.org/7-clean-and-inspiring-wordpress-admin-themes/

Top 10 Social WordPress Themes

When you use social media in WordPress, it gives you a slight advantage from the rest of those that don’t use it. Facebook  and Twitter when used properly in your blog, create better traffic and makes your post more interesting. With that in mind, these top 10 social WordPress themes have themes that comes pre-loaded with social media integration from websites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Delicious, and many other social media.

My favorite is Revolution Magazine because it has a lot of customization options, widgets, and has a solid, intuitive look and feel.


You can read all the themes here: http://skyje.com/social-wordpress-themes/