5 Good Reasons Why WordPress Is Best for Businesses

When we think of building a fully-functional website for our business, which is the first CMS that comes to your mind? Of Course, our answer is going to be a WordPress. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the world’s most relevant open source content management system that can help you create a professionally-developed website, without any technical assistance. […]

7 Plugins To Increase Sales Of WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce is one of the most convenient open source tools available for creating an online store and it is one of the major attractions of getting a website built with WordPress. A lot of people migrate from other platforms using services which convert from HTML to WordPress or transfer an existing interfaced from other platforms. […]

Best WordPress bookstore themes for your e-book store

Writing an e-book? Want to sell it online on your own bookstore website? All you need is one of the best WordPress bookstore themes. The best features of WordPress are its openness and customization. Many developers are trying their hard to make this platform better for authors and readers. When it comes to WordPress plug-ins, […]

Pippity Review
Create popups that convert using Pippity – Detailed Pippity Review

People don’t like popups appearing on a website. They often see it as intrusive, particularly when they can’t get rid of it once an action is done. Email list is very important in a blog so letting your visitors know that you have a newsletter page right away is a great marketing effort as we […]

How Much Should a Custom WordPress Website Cost

If you want to start WordPress but is curious about how each website will cost, poststat.us has provided us a rundown of how much should a WordPress website cost. Based on the author’s experience, who is a consultant, he has build websites or have been a part of website projects that are all on WordPress […]

Best Analytics Solution for WordPress Users

Learning more about your users is vital to your success online. You need an analytics solution to gather data nad provide insightful reports of user activities in your site. Analytics can tell you where your users are coming from, what they are doing to your website, how long they have stayed in your site, etc. […]

Why You Need Responsive WordPress Theme [Infographic]

There are so many WordPress themes out there that you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of themes available today. Even just by browsing through the WordPress repository can be a daunting and time consuming task. But with so many themes in the market, there is one kind of theme that you need to consider: WordPress […]

WordPress Plugin: Layered Popups

If you fancy having popups welcome your visitors to your page, then Layered Popup for WordPress is for you. Layed Popups is a new plugin available at CodeCanyon that allows you to display animated popups to your visitors.   If you are familiar with email subscriber capture, then this is probably something that you are […]

Insert Ads Within Post Content in WordPress

Have you seen blogs that have ads inside their post content? Those ads that are situated between paragraphs usually in the first and second paragraph. Most will wonder if these were automatically added by advertisers or bloggers manually insert them, or if there is a special code for this. In this article, we’ll show how […]

Proofread Bot Checks Your Grammar For You

Do you want to get rid of your readers? Easy. Just place a post full of grammar errors and they’ll get out of your blog the sooner they see one. Don’t get your hopes high even if you are a native English speaker because even the most experienced ones tend to make mistakes from time […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Securi as Your Security Plugin

As a WordPress user, security should be your topmost priority. Once your site encountered security holes or got hacked, finding a way to solve the problem will be tedious and time-consuming. If your skills and knowledge about WordPress security is fairly limited, better use a plugin to help you deal with the problem. This is […]

Theme Forest Updates New Guidelines for Theme Developers

ThemeForest, a WordPress theme marketplace has recently released a new guidelines for theme developers. The changes are fairly majors which that a there is a pretty share of people who agree with the changes and to people who don’t. As mentioned in the announcement, developers will have about eight weeks to get their theme within […]

How to Format Images for Feed Readers

If you want your images be displayed in your post be displayed just right, you will have a problem when your posts are displayed in a feed reader. You won’t have any control over how your posts will be displayed in various feed readers. By default, your images will be displayed inline with your texts […]

Top 7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

For everyone who uses the same old dashboard everyday, it can feel a bit dull and demotivating, like your WordPress admin isn’t the most inspiring place to work. So here are some few plugins which can provide you with a brand new WordPress admin experience like you’ve never experienced before. These themes, usually installed in […]

Top 10 Social WordPress Themes

When you use social media in WordPress, it gives you a slight advantage from the rest of those that don’t use it. Facebook  and Twitter when used properly in your blog, create better traffic and makes your post more interesting. With that in mind, these top 10 social WordPress themes have themes that comes pre-loaded […]

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