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How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?
How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?

Themes determine how content is displayed on your WordPress Powered website. They are simply HTML pages with specific PHP embedded code. A theme can be as simple as index.php page, or it might contain additional files linked to Posts, Pages, Archives & a number of included images (Leary, 2010). WordPress is designed to let you […]

How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?
How To Install a WordPress Theme

As a beginner,you have probably heard of various free and paid #wordpress themes available online. You may have tried out a few themes until you’ve found one that meets your needs. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install a WordPress theme. This guide will cover the three different ways you can install a […]

How to Avoid Accidentally Publishing Posts in WordPress

“Are you sure you want to publish this post?” This confirmation is missing in WordPress that is why most of the time I publish posts accidentally. If only WordPress included this feature. Even the most experienced WordPress users press the publish button by accident. Accidental publishing can become an issue particularly if your posts gets […]

How to Display Featured Content in WordPress

You probably have stories in your archive that you might want to highlight and show to your readers. This is often referred to as “Featured Posts” or “Featured Content” in WordPress. Displaying these featured posts is easy, just use one of the following plugins . ADL Post Slider ADL Post Slider allows you to set […]