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How to Add Custom Menus locations in WordPress Themes

WordPress includes an easy to use mechanism to create your own menus and menu structure. From your wordpress admin panel click on  Appearance >>Menu. Here you can see existing menus and menu display locations. You can create as many menus as you want. But displaying this menu varies  from theme to theme. This tutorial describes […]

How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide
How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide

So whats’s your reason to start a blog? People create blogs for many reasons. Some people start a blog to teach others about a topic while others start blogging simply to have fun.  Everyone has their own reason. How to start a blog? There are many free blogging platforms are available to set up a […]

How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?
How To Install a WordPress Theme

As a beginner,you have probably heard of various free and paid #wordpress themes available online. You may have tried out a few themes until you’ve found one that meets your needs. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install a WordPress theme. This guide will cover the three different ways you can install a […]