Bugless Beast v0.8 Released

v.8 is amazing, as usual. If you want a ROM that works, is smooth and looks nice this is the one. Alot of other Devs put out update after update to fix problems. Pete puts out update and update to add features…..big difference.

I just uploaded my Custom Login plugin to 0.8. This new release entails a full rewrite from the ground up.

You should see the new version soon enough. Some features include:

  • Removal of the uninstall script.
  • Removed wpads.
  • Cleaned up options.
  • Removed easing.js, farbtastic.js, dock.js
  • Removed unused images.
  • Added license.txt, readme.html.
  • Added ability to move meta-boxes with the built in WordPress jQuery movables. Organize the layout, and even close/hide boxes. Note: I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a multiple column layout, it’s set with CSS right now. So if you move a box it will forever be changed.

Grab the latest version from WordPress

Important! Users will have to re-save their settings after updating to version 0.8.. The option name array’s changed and there for will delete your old options.


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