Blog Struggles: I Need an Eraser for My Old Posts

We often need to erase old blogs, not because it is an excuse but we want to attempt to get back again into the flow of things to rewrite all SEO articles or totally redo the most popular post, but need to be focused and faced challenges for all this activity. There are many popular articles over the past years for proper direction such as Do You Update Posts or Post Updates? « Lorelle on WordPress, Blog Struggles: When An Old Post is New Again, Rotating Old Posts and Tires, Cleaning Up Old Posts, The Gateway to Your Blog, and SEO Tips: Increase Page Rank By Revitalizing Your Old Posts.

For this purpose a month of WordPress Plugins was introduced to update the blogs, but the issue while updating blogs is that the updates are eternal. There will always be Plugins those will stop being supported and replace them, and those help people to get the words they need to find the Plugins.   The article “A Love Letter to WordPress Plugin Authors,” describes not only how to promote a WordPress Plugin, but more importantly how to help people in desperate need of the solution.

The tags and categories are also making trouble for everyone. Categories are table of contents of a site and tags are your index words, and now that taxonomies have been introduced. The article “What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content” has much information about “content theft” that means when you take something without permission that doesn’t belong to you, it’s theft.  This topic has amazing discussion and released number of post.


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