Why these 30+ Blogging Tools are Tempting Than a Cinnabon!

Once you learn how to start a blog, the technical part is over..

You are excited and have plans with plenty of ideas… But zero readers 🙁 What now?

You see, to be a successful blogger, you have to study the top bloggers in your niche, improve your writing skills and build strong relationships with your readers and fellow bloggers(influencers) as well promote in social media.

Use Time wisely with the right Tools

You need top notch tools to be highly productive and this determines how fast your blog can grow! 

Time is the most precious commodity. You should plan your day ahead so that you have time to write, and time to promote.

So make time your friend and use it wisely with the right tools.

We have created 4 sections below for different types of bloggers. Choose the one that fits you.

Tools for different types of bloggers

Tools For The Beginner Blogger

Tools for the blogger who just got started: You just created a blog. You need these starter plugins, that applies to any blog.
Get the tools for the beginner blogger

Tools For The Hobbyist Blogger

This blogger is not a beginner, knows what how to use wordpress and have decided to spend more hours for daily blogging.
Get the tools for the hobbyist blogger

Tools For The Serious Blogger

This blogger is very serious and wants to make an income from daily blogging. This blogger needs all the tools that can make him/her highly productive and make a big impact. Get the tools for the serious blogger.
Get the tools for the serious blogger

Tools For The High Income Blogger

You had fair success as a blogger and you are running a successful blog. Now you are willing to invest more in useful tools, given they deliver big time. Price is not an issue for you, if tool is extremely helpful useful.
Get the tools for the High Income blogge

Tools for the blogger who just got started

Akismet Plugin – Protect your blog from spam bots and comment bots. Nasty Comment bots can add useless comments to your blog posts. Akismet plugin filters it and categorizes comments as pending or spam. You can then approve good comments or trash bad ones or mark bad ones as spam.

Contact Form 7  Plugin – Add a contact page to you blog. Let readers contact you. Easy setup.

WordPress Related Posts Plugin– Improve reader engagement by displaying related posts at the end of each blog post. This can improve your traffic as well.

MailerLite: Build An Email List: (So important!):  You should start Building your email list from day one you started your blog! Email Marketing is one of the best ways to build traffic as well as to be in touch with your readers. (Make sure you dont abuse it though).

You can create signup forms from MailerLite website and embed into your blog. Your visitors can then signup for your newsletters and offers.You can get started with a free version of  MailerLite. The free version is limited to 1000 subscribers, which is enough for a beginner.

You can then send email newsletters, whenever you have a add a new article to your blog.

Get MailerLite- It is Free

Tools for the hobbyist blogger

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin(Free):   A sitemap tells Google what pages and articles/posts in your blog are important. Google likes a special XML sitemap. This plugin, once installed, will create this xml sitemap and will update as you add more posts and pages automatically. Other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com also uses this xml sitemap. So totally worth installing it. Get Google XML Sitemaps plugin

Google Analytics(Free):  As a blog owner, you need to know how many visitors your blog had any day and which pages they used, which countries and more details. What you need is Google Analytics, which is free and easy to install. Your theme should have a provision to install google analytics tracking script(you get this script after you setup google analytics account).
Get google Analytics account set up(Free)

Cache Plugin for High Blog performance(Free): It is strongly recommended that you install a cache plugin to fine tune your blog and thus speedup your blog and improve performance. Your blog readers will get be able to access your pages faster!

We recommend installing LiteSpeed Cache plugin to maximize the speed at which your blog’s pages load for a visitor. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is a highly rated site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and awesome optimization features. Get LiteSpeed Cache plugin

Featured Images for your blog posts: A blogger knows very well that adding an awesome featured image to your blog posts can improve engagement rate a lot! Snappa is the fastest way for bloggers and marketers to create stunning graphics. It is very easy to whip up graphics for social media, blogs, ads, and more without the help of a graphic designer.
Get Snappa

Social Media Management Tool: Hootsuite
Social Media traffic is inevitable for a blogs growth. Hootsuite makes social media managment easy. You can post a short message with picture to facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and so many other social channels in one step. You can schedule your social media messages as well. Get Hootsuite

Optins using Exit-Intent Popups:
Aggressive popup boxes may irritate a reader and reader may feel like his/her screen has been taken hostage. But smart “Exit-Intent” optin popups can do wonders. Exit intent popups can be setup in a way that will appear only when user is about to leave the site.

In the exit-intent popup, offer the user a nice lead magnet, like a free ebook or very god case study and thus ask user to join your email list in return.
OptinMonster is a fantastic optin creation tool and has many beautiful templates and styles that can be pleasing to the user and highly converting as well. Get OptinMonster

The Serious and Committed Blogger


You need high converting landing pages if you are selling digital products or want to setup a webinars.

ou need high converting landing pages if you are selling digital products or want to setup a webinars.

Landing Page Software like OptimizePress or LeadPages are masters in this and conversion rate is very high as well. Both have wordpress plugins and you can create highly converting landing pages right from your wordpress dashboard and integrate into your blog.

OptimizePress : OptimizePress is a complete tool for building your landing pages.  It can create all the pages you need and it’s OptimizeMember software can be used to protect your content and take payments as well. All this from within  your wordpress blog Dashboard!

Grab OptimizePress

LeadPages: Leadpages is more than just a landing page builder. It can grow your business by turning clicks into customers with high-converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns. You can create facebook ads and optimized landing pages. You can publish a landing page in minute, thanks to the 150+ free page templates. You can publish Lead Pages to WordPress as well as add optin pop-ups as well to your WordPress blog. Highly recommend landing page tool. Worth every penny..

Learn more about LeadPages

Teleseminars: Create Instant TeleSeminars or Winning Joint Ventures Or Deliver engaging training

Short of leads bothering you? Or you want to expand your lead base?

Instant Teleseminar  is a  tool perfect for Coaches, Speakers or even Marketers that lets you create a webinar or setup a Teleseminar in minimal time.

You can quickly build your list and sell your expert knowledge. You can set up an event, deliver your talk, and present a Call to Action button to drive people to your sign-up page.  It is newbie-friendly. Not complicated.

And no downloads..Everything is online. Works on all devices.. PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or even landline phone! Unlike other programs, this software does not need to download anything. Thus clients are able  to login quick and listen to your seminar or webinar.


  • Record your slides and display after event ends for a replay
  • Display Pre-Recorded Video for your replays.
  • Call to Action Button: Display a nice dynamic action button that appears at a specific time to send people to your order form.
  • Pinless Dial-in: Your attendees easily dial into your live or recorded events.

Click here to Learn more

Add a shopping cart

If you want to sell digital products, add a simple cart with checkout options using eJunkie. This is a very popular tool for selling digital products or info products and is very affordable. Artists, e-book/info-product sellers use e-junkie. Get e-junkie

Regularly backup your blog

You or your developer can screwup big time. Do not take a risk and lose your days worth of hard work. All you have to do is, Install a wordpress backup plugin. Make sure you opt for a full site backup plugin like UpdraftPlus.

Advantage of Updraft is that. it lets you setup full, manual, or scheduled backups of all your entire website(blog) files including your database, plugins, and themes. You want to restore? No Problem. Restoring your files is very easy and and can be done with minimal technical knowledge.

And you can schedule you backups into cloud storage places like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

It has both free and paid versions. For starup blogs, free version should suffice. For the serious blogger, a premium paid version should be a priority.

Upgrade your theme: Get a premium one this time.

When you started, you would have used a free theme and there is nothing wrong in it. Most theme owners update themes as new wordpress versions come up.

But premium themes have more advantages. You get better support and faster and stable themes. Most importantly a unique look.

ThemeForest is a popular Premium themes provider. WordPress Theme Developers develop high quality themes and sell it in ThemeForest. We like a few premium themes and have made a speed comparison.
Speed comparison of Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes:

The High Income Blogger

This section is dedicated to highly successful bloggers who are making quite a handsome amount everyday. These guys can afford to spend it big for more revenue, leads and laser target traffic.


We all know very well that visual content, especially videos(youtube), has very high impact on users and has high engagement rates.

Camtasia, even though has a learning curve, is a tool totally worth every penny. You can create high converting videos with your own audio.

Get Camtasia


Now that you have a very good list of subscribers, you may want to start a private membership/community site that offers exclusive training courses and vital information.

Wishlist Member: integrates very well with WordPress and is an excellent membership tool(plugin).

User Behaviour Analytics: A/B Testing

VisualWebsiteOptimizer is a very good tool for tracking visitor behavior on your landing pages. It is one of the best A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform tool and worth the investment.

Marketing Automation – SMS, Push Notifications. Targeted emails

Customer IO: Send targeted emails, push notifications, SMS. Create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions using Customer.io. You can send targeted one-to-one messages,  or broadcast to a group,. Win back subscribers who have been inactive. Sending and mapping events for triggered emails is very easy and simple with Customer.io. You can launch a comprehensive email program within 30 days start to finish.

Start an Affiliate Program: Let affiliates Promote and get leads

iDevAffiliate: Add more sales force by creating your army of Affiliate Marketers! Affiliate Marketing has high ROI and hence investing in a high end affiliate software like iDevAffiliate would be a smart decision.