7+ Plugins To Increase Sales Of WooCommerce Stores

October 16, 2018

WooCommerce is one of the most convenient open source tools available for creating an online store and it is one of the major attractions of getting a website built with WordPress.

A lot of people migrate from other platforms using services which convert from HTML to WordPress or transfer an existing interfaced from other platforms.

Building a virtual marketplace with the free plugin is just the first step an owner needs to take several steps to increase sales of WooCommerce stores and a list of plugins that will be helpful in the objective is being presented here.

1. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Getting shoppers to buy products immediately is the primary concern of almost every store owner and while the default checkout process is not too long, there is scope for shortening it to improve the chances of encouraging buyers to complete a transaction.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout is a plugin which helps in introducing the “Add To Cart” button redirect to checkout page option, right in the products page.

This lets a visitor skip going to shopping cart from the products page and instead straightaway reach the checkout point.

Once the plugin is activated, a new submenu link named “Direct Checkout” will be visible in the WooCommerce Settings panel from where the owner can enable or disable the direct checkout option, change “Add To Cart” to the text of his/her choice and also change “Redirect To Page”.

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2. WooCommerce Customizer

A person needs to have knowledge of PHP in order to be able to use the filters provided with WooCommerce for personalizing elements like product labels, button texts etc.

The WooCommerce Customizer plugin comes to the aid of owners who are not conversant with the technical aspects of virtual shops.

It helps them in adding the heading text to the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs besides allowing them to insert desired text matter in the checkout page coupon or login and the submit order button.

Customizing a store in this manner will not only give it a unique look helpful in establishing its own identity among the target audience but modifying the product description will be helpful in optimizing the content to improve the visibility of the item as well.

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3. OptinMonster

The conversion rate is an area of concern for most online entrepreneurs and though their stores may be attracting good traffic, the visits may not be getting converted into sales.

OptinMonster is a conversion optimization and lead generation software available to WooCommerce users in the form of a plugin. It uses time-bound offers based on the behaviour patterns of visitors to reduce abandon cart rates to increase sales.

The service offers a retargeting solution that helps in getting first-time visitors to return to a store and convert into registered users in addition to providing the facility of optin forms to augment email subscription list and boost sales.

A mobile-friendly service with more than 65 preloaded templates giving the owner full control over branding and messaging, OptinMonster also has the A/B testing feature which helps in finalizing the best conversion strategy.

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4. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is smart-coupons-for-woocommerce.jpgIf you are looking for a smarter way to boost your store’s sales, Smart Coupons plugin is your best bet. It’s an advanced version of the standard coupon system that’s included in WooCommerce by default.

Using this plugin you will be able to configure a variety of coupons and discounts having different restrictions and usage limits. With its advanced and flexible coupon rules, you can easily set the conditions for your customers to redeem the coupons.

One of the popular features of this plugin is the option to offer store credits to your customers. They can either use it for themselves or use it as a gift option. The plugin allows your customers to gift coupons to their loved ones via emails with beautiful card designs.

Creating buy one get one deal (BOGO), countdown discount sales banner, bulk coupon generation, etc., are the additional features offered by this plugin.

5. Booster For WooCommerce

Booster For WooCommerce is a very powerful plugin that has more than 100 modules that can be deployed to increase sales of WooCommerce stores.

The service has incredible customization options like displaying the prices of products in different currencies, creating a custom price tag for all items and setting different price formats for different currencies.

A very unique feature of this plugin that helps in user engagement is “Offer Your Price”, which lets visitors give their price suggestions for a particular item.

It has an inbuilt currency switcher apart from various useful localization options like hiding items in a specific geographical location while they are visible in others and displaying the currency symbol according to the location of the visitor.

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6. Beeketing

A marketing automation solution, Beeketing is a very popular plugin which integrates seamlessly with the e-commerce platform.

People who do not have any technical skills can very easily automate the sales transactions and marketing of their stores, by using this service.

It has more than 10 extensions built in its architecture with some extremely advantageous features like recent order notifications pop-ups to improve customer confidence and upsell items at cart page to encourage buyers to make additional purchases.

Marketing tactics like a sales countdown timer for discount offers and more than 5 product recommendations sliders can be easily implemented to improve the sales figures of a business.

It also provides email marketing benefits and personalized follow-up emails can be sent automatically to all visitors.

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7. WooCommerce Product Slider

The best way to attract more traffic to a website and boost user engagement is to increase the visual appeal of the interface and the WooCommerce Product Slider helps in the objective.

A carousel slider to showcase the chosen products, it can be launched effortlessly through a shortcode. The plugin has the facility for displaying 3 price formats like full price, regular price and sale price which can be very helpful in improving the conversion rate during discount sale periods.

There are pre-built themes and ribbon beside custom “sale” and “featured” marker icon in addition to offering the convenience of customizing the slider by modifying the colour and typography.

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8. Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to provide an enriching customer experience during and after the transaction.

The Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce plugin lets clients choose a delivery date and time of their choice which is extremely helpful in reducing cart abandonment.

The selected delivery date will be visible on the WooCommerce Edit Order page in the admin dashboard.  The store owner can disable the days on which he/she cannot make the delivery in addition to limiting the number of orders or deliveries that can be placed per day.

It also gives the owner the convenience of setting the minimum required time for delivery in hours besides letting him/her disable the delivery for featured or virtual products.

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Acquiring an online store has become very easy but an owner needs to move ahead with sufficient planning and forethought in order to increase sales of WooCommerce stores and all the above- mentioned plugins will be very effective in fulfilling the objective.

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