5 Best WordPress Product Catalog Plugins

April 06, 2017

WordPress is a popular content management system that is known for its ability to be a customizable multipurpose platform. WordPress provides a user-friendly dashboard, free library of themes and plugins that is available for all users that have installed this content management system.

Most e-commerce based online stores are using WordPress. When it comes creating an online catalog, WordPress has made it easy for every business to turn their website into an online catalog. Read below and discover the 5 top rated WordPress catalog plugins.

5 Top Rated WordPress Catalog Plugins

1- Product Catalog

The first top rated WordPress plugin is the Product Catalog by Etoile Web Design. This plugin is mainly popular for its minimalistic themed product catalog design and its SEO options. In terms of style, minimal web design is the hottest themed trend in web design today.

A minimal layout is lightweight and promotes sophistication as well as modern web style.  The Product Catalog Plugin is a great plugin that includes a self-help question section and a video tutorial guide to make it easy for anyone who needs instant support.

Best Additions: SEO product pages, custom permalink, drag and drop layout creation, product reviews section, and custom product tagging.

Current Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Plugin Creator: Etoile Web Design

Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/

2- ECommerce Product Catalog.

This second top rated WordPress plugin is the E-Commerce Product Catalog created by impleCode. This plugin is known for its easy step by step installation and instant product implementation.  With the E-Commerce Product Catalog it’s easy and compatible to install on to almost any WordPress theme.

The E-Commerce Product Catalog plugin contains amazing custom settings to design specific product items including the on page link color, product price color, font size display per product and other main headings custom color choices available. Aside from its customization features, it is also translated into 19 different languages making the plugin amazing for worldwide use.

Best Additions: Easy installation, great internal code base, quick search engine optimized preferences, and great product template selection.

Current Star Rating: 4.5

Plugin Creator: impleCode

Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ecommerce-product-catalog/

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3-Catalog for Woocommerce.

The third top rated WordPress plugin is the Catalog for Woocommerce plugin. This plugin is known for its ability to completely change a WordPress woocommerce store into a simple product catalog. The Catalog for Woocommerce may not be the most popular plugin out there, but it provides a quick solution to instantly change a website into catalog form.

Best Additions: Color customization, popups enable with shortcodes, ability to hide reviews, price tags, and ratings.

Current Star Rating: 5

Plugin Creator: Phoenix

Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/catalog-for-woocommerce/

4-WP Catalogue.

The four top-rated WordPress plugin is the WP Catalogue by Enigma Plugins. This plugin is known for its ability to produce great catalog designs in a lightweight manner. The lighter a website is, the faster it will load and this will result into web visitor on page satisfaction. The WP Catalogue is primarily popular for its ability to be lightweight while and provide an abundance of options at the same time.

Best Additions: Unlimited product page creation, browser compatibility, breadcrumb installation, drag and drop features, menu options, color scheme selection, and instant shortcode creation.

Current Star Rating:4.5

Plugin Creator: Enigma Plugins

Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-catalogue/

5.Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart.

The fifth top rated WordPress plugin is the Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart. This plugin has the ability to be integrated with some of the major shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and other international carriers.  Ecwid eCommerce was created to work for worldwide use. The newest version Ecwid eCommerce has improved the page load speed, SEO Url structures, and widgets.

Best Additions: Shopify to WooCommerce easy product migration, sitemap integration, and certified secure shopping cart.

Current Star Rating: 4.5

Plugin Creator: Ecwid Team

Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ecwid-shopping-cart/


The 5 catalog plugins analyzed above all have different key features that they are known for. Every online catalog has different needs when it comes to custom preferences, product customization, and unique brand identity.  They all have their own unique customization options, installation preferences, and extra integration features. Read the above and make the best selection for your online catalog plugin.

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