17+ Best Premium WordPress Theme Providers

A search on Google Trends for “WordPress” shows “WordPress Themes” topping the list

There are so many themes and theme providers for WordPress out there that if you have just started using the platform you’ll get lost in confusion. So we’ve decided to compile the best place to get WordPress themes and who are the theme providers.

Another reason we have to do this is that themes WordPress themes nowadays are crafted to fit to almost any screen size or device. If are a beginner, or you haven’t changed your theme for years, then it’s time to upgrade it to a more responsive WordPress theme.

Also, using search engines to look for WordPress themes, is not the best solution. That is why these premium theme providers come into play.

Why use Premium Themes?
With free themes, you can download, and install it to any site you want without limitations. However, free themes have a catch. First is the level of customization. Free themes doesn’t have those template builders or WYSIWYG editors found mostly in premium themes.

Another reason to choose premium themes is that they have a cleaner code with better features. They also come with proper support and documentation to help you just in case something doesn’t work. Free themes don’t have these.

If you are serious about your website and want it to stand out, be unique, and be a cut among the rest, particularly in web design, WordPress premium themes are for you.

So, without further adieu, here we have a collection of the world’s best Premium WordPress theme providers:

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is an extremely popular WordPress Theme provider. They have a large collection of quality themes for blogs, eCommerce sites, and even apps. Elegant Themes offer a beautiful and large collection of quality designs at affordable prices. Most of their themes posses a clean and minimalist feel. These are ideal for a wide range of applications from a casual blogger to businesses.


  • Large collection of quality themes.
  • Offers three membership plan. Each meets the need of every WordPress user.


  • Images aren’t compressed enough, which means it could affect your page loading speed.
  • Lacks diversity in themes.

Elegant Themes claims to have more than 170,000 customers. There are plenty of themes to choose from and the company offers extensive and direct contact-based support to its users.

Elegant Themes offer three types of subscription:
Personal: $39 per year.
Developer: $89 per year.
Lifetime: $249 one-time.

Visit Elegant Themes

Studio Press


StudioPress is a WordPress theme provider known for its Genesis Framework. It is one of the WordPress theme provider that is said to be structurally sound, secure, and great for SEO. The designs are clean; however, only a few are stunning compared to what other theme providers are offering.

StudioPress has a large community that you can become a part of if you are interested specially when you the Genesis Framework from Studio Press. There are also community-built themes, plugins, and child themes that are built to run on the framework.


  • Price includes a lifetime support and updates.
  • SEO-friendly themes.
  • Clean designs.


  • Doesn’t appeal to some.
  • Very basic functionality.
  • Not many customization options like changing the default look and color.

Themes cost from $79.95 to $99.99. With every purchase of the theme, you’ll get the Genesis Framework. Each and every theme runs on top of the Genesis Framework.

While it may seem expensive, StudioPress offers lifetime support and updates. You can also buy the Genesis Framework itself for $59.95.

Find out why most website owners trust StudioPress



Themeforest is known to house the best WP theme developers, so if you are looking for the best WordPress theme with excellent functionality, look at Themeforest themes. Themeforest has more than 2,600 premium WordPress Themes to choose from. Their theme categories ranges from blog, magazines, corporate, retail, business, non-profit, technology, entertainment, ecommerce, buddypress, HTML5 and more.

Themes are cheap most on average is about $25 to $30 per theme.
Themes comes with PSD file.
Plenty of theme choices.

Customizing the theme can be different because themes are designed differently by many theme developers around the glob.
The support section is powered by the theme authors than Themeforest.

avada enfold

View Themeforest themes




WPZoom theme are clean and well-organized giving you plenty of opportunities to fit anything in the theme. WPZoom is known for its mazazine-styled themes and also have a recipe theme, and some restaurant themes.


  • Professional theme that have polished designs.
  • Big attention to small details.
  • Content are well-organized specially the magazine-styled themes.
  • Quick support.


  • Expensive themes.
  • If you cancel the membership, you’ll lose all support and updates.

There are three ways to get a theme in WPZoom:

Each theme costs at $75 each. Support and updates are included for twelve months and you are free to use it on multiple domains. The price for their themes are a little expensive, but the benefit is that it isn’t restricted to only one domain.

Extended license is $125. You have the option to pick up a second theme for free and you have access to Photoshop PSD files. You have 12 months of support and updates are also included. Like the single package, you’ll also get to use it on multiple domains.

Membership is $199 per month with $19 monthly. This subscription offer gives you access to 53 themes plus at least one new theme per month. PSD file support and regular theme updates. If you cancel your membership, then updates and support are terminated.

expedition vimes

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Gorilla Themes

Gorilla Themes are known for themes that are professionally managed, designed, and is compliant to the latest WordPress update. One unique feature of Gorilla Themes is that their themes don’t have custom fields as they believe that these features are confusing and will only make it complicated for their theme users.

Themes created by Gorilla Themes are equipped with theme options that let users design the site according to their planned layout. Gorilla Themes are compatible with all markets.
Themes look different when compared to other WordPress premium themes.
The theme founder personally answers all your questions, especially the technical issues.
Themes are not only cheap, but easily available.
The themes are easy to work with, not just for experienced programmers, but also for the beginners.
Minimum use of code makes website creation easier.

Lacks customization feature.
Everything by a single person, so expect to be in line for a long time when asking for technical support.
The loading times of Gorilla Themes is slow as a great number of files and images have to be loaded.

Gorilla Themes
Gorilla Themes

Gorilla Themes offer two pricing packages, the Basic and the Developers package. With the basic package is offered at as standard price of $79.95. The developers package, which is more intended for developers has plenty of support and assistance is priced ay $179.95.

tourism residence

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ThemeFuse offers a wide array of professional WordPress themes that are not only easy to setup, but also easily customizable and is feature packed. ThemeFuse makes it to a point of catering websites to developers through their monthly unlimited plan that lets you use any of their themes and receive access to the new themes automatically for a very low price.

More than 34 premium themes available.
Themes are easy to setup and customize.

Lacks extensive customization options.


ThemeFuse gives you three payment options:

You have access to most of the free themes at ThemeFuse.

1 single domain use
Theme updates
Support in forums
Comes with PSD files.

$199 signup + $17/mo
Unlimited domain name usage
Access to all existing themes.
PSD files
Access to new themes.

metrovibes flavor

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ThemeTrust only offers 19 themes in five categories, namely magazine, eCommerce, Business, portfolio, and responsive; however, the themes come with plenty of features like video support, custom widgets, shortcodes, page templates, translation support, etc. Each theme comes wit ha basic theme option that lets you upload a logo and a favicon to the theme. You can also apply custom CSS, change the theme’s fonts, colors, add slideshows, post footers,etc.

Any premium themes from ThemeTrust offers lifetime support which is a good deal as it is rare that a theme seller will be able to provide lifetime support to their customers.


19 premium themes.
Buy one get one deal.
Clean, minimalist design. The themes are clean and minimalist with a boxy stock-standard design.
Lifetime support

Needs more themes with more varieties.
No account area to manage your purchases.
Support is slow and the official hours only cater to US residents.

gather swell

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iThemes have been into designing themes, plugins and offering training for five years. It is appropriate for those developing business or corporate website and those who like a theme that you can easily control the layout of the page, widgets, etc because of the iThemes builder framework. iThemes has more than 180 themes available.

Lots of control in building the layout of your page.
They have video tutorials to teach you what to do with the themes.

Themes tend to be plain-looking and some lack attention to detail.
Limited responsive themes available.


There are three basic groups of themes:

Builder Themes
Builder Themes are $80 individually or you can pay $150 for all 60 themes in the Builder pack. Each theme you buy comes with a builder framework to help you customize your theme.

Foundation Pack
Foundation pack comes with 5 very basic themes and a theme called Air Starter. These themes are very basic when it comes to design, but thanks to the Builder framework, you can customize it according to your will. The foundation pack costs $80.

All Access
The All Access package earns you all the Builder Themes, all the Allure Themes, all the Classic Themes and the Flexx theme for $197.

madison base

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Templatic is a company specializing in designing WordPress themes. The themes feature 1 click install of their themes, frequent theme updates, and a lot more. Templatic offers themes for every niche and the release 2 new themes every month. What is great about Templatic is that their themes are ready for monetization thanks to an available feature in their control panel.

Each of the theme they released is professionally designed and specially coded for SEO. This is a good news for small businesses using their themes to create a brand online.
Releases at least 2 themes every month.
Built-in advertising ready themes thanks to the theme’s control panel.
SEO-friendly themes.
Eye-catching themes.
Some of the functions work poorly, some doesn’t even work.
The coding is hard to follow.templatic

For a club membership of $299 a year, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of using unlimited theme license. You’ll also get unlimited access to all WordPress themes that Templatic has as well as access to all themes and updates.

Primothemes is cheaper at $175 premium membership free. This lets you download all the themes and offer unlimited theme license. However, you need to pay $25 extra per month to activate the premium membership.

Single license starts at $65 per theme. If you can catch their buy one get one offer, then this is an excellent price for starters.

apex explore

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ThemFurnace currently has 5 premium themes. These themes are built with the latest WordPress coding standards and it makes it possible to use built-in features like custom logo, custom background, social media icons, nivo slider and more.

The themes are built on op of upthemes framework which is considered as one of the best WordPress theme frameworks. It has just the right set of features to customize your theme without hard coding it.

Only has five themes available.
Uses upthemes framework.

Lack of customization options.



Single Theme
If you want only one theme for your blog or business website, you can get each theme for $49.

Developer Club
If you are a developer, you might consider this package as you’ll get all themes and access to updates for $99 per year.

cleanport flatpack

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CSSIgniter is a small, but a creative theme provider that offers high quality, premium WordPress themes. they have 60 premium themes on offer and are available on an individual basis along with the option to join their club to access all the current themes, including then new ones.

CSSIgniter themes cover a wide range of topic and there is definitely something for every type of project.

More than 60 creative themes.
Themes look good and the designs are well suited to the type of project it is built for.
Doesn’t have excessive features that sometimes weigh the themes down.
Affordable themes and plans.
Easy to use.

Does not have intensive customization options.

CSS Igniter

Each plan lets you use the themes as often as you like, on multiple sites, and on client projects. All plans have updates and support for one year.

Single Theme costs $39 per theme. The all themes standard is offered at $49 while the All Themes developer is offered at $79.

philo vignette

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ThemeLab is a WordPress theme company that specializes in building standard, yet easy-to-use premium WordPress themes. The goal of their themes is to build a mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and blazing fast themes that works out of the box.

ThemeLab was created because they noticed that a lot of premium WordPress themes are becoming complex and bloated. ThemeLab aims to change that. While most companies focus on design or functionality, ThemeLab focuses on usability.

Easy to use and setup.
Offer data portability.
Not bloated while trying to keep the features that you need.
Fast themes
Fully Responsive
Follow WordPress standards

Not too many themes available.


ThemeLab has a couple of purchase options. Single themes can be bought for $39. A pro membership costs for $199 with all access to themes. VIP gives all access of themes for life at $349 one time payment.

quarx roxic

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Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press offers a wide range of themes that are tailored mostly to the creative types like photographers, videographers, artists, etc. The designs focus mostly on people wanting to showcase their work. The designs make up for content focus thus expect big, bolder images, full screen sliders, and video.


  • Great set of themes made for creative types.
  • Free plugins are included to help you sell digital products directly from your site.


  • Themes are expensive.

Graph Paper Press themes are available to buy individually or you can also join their theme club.

You have plenty of membership options to choose from:

Annual membership costs $125 per year. You’ll have access to all themes, plugins, and there are new theme launches every month, automatic updates, and forum support.


Forever membership costs $299. It’s not forever actually as the theme subscription is good for 10 years plus all access to themes. There are new theme launches monthly, automatic theme updates, complete library with two hours of video and written tutorials.

You can also purchase themes individually, here’s a rundown of the costs:

  1. $75 for a single site.
  2. $140 for 2 to 4 sites.
  3. $200 for unlimited number of sites.

You can also get 10 free themes when you subscribe to Graph Paper Press. Subscription is free of charge. The theme aren’t advertised as free, but you’ll need to scroll through the collection and click on the theme to find the free ones.

If you are not satisfied with the themes, Graph Paper Press offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

wallstreet audition

Visit GraphPaperPress.com



WooThemes has become well known for its large collection of themes. The themes are feature-rich, functional and are highly customizable. WooThemes is also known for their flagship product, Canvas and WooCommerce.

The themes are feature-rich, customizable, but they lack a modern touch and fail to push beyond modern design trends.


  • Themes are feature-rich and very customizable.


  • A large number of themes are no longer supported or updated.
  • It takes time to setup especially for new users.
  • The designs aren’t that exciting.

There are different pricing terms in WooThemes:

Standard Package offer unlimited domain usage, with two bonus themes and one year in support and updates. The price of a standard package is $99.

Developer package offers unlimited domain usage, with three bonus themes, and one year in support and updates, layered Photoshop PSD. The Developer Package costs at $179.

There is also a club subscription offering Standard and Developer club subscription.

Standard Club Subscription offers a $199 startup fee and $29 a month. This includes access to all WordPress themes, a minimum of one theme per month with regular theme updates, unlimited domain uses.

Developer Club Subscription offers a $299 startup fee with $39 per month, comes with one theme per month with support access and regular theme updates, concurrent domain, and includes access to all WordPress themes.

fashionable maximize

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Obox Design

Obox Themes

Obox Design is known to offer plenty of options in the back end to control the look of the theme. It is not a drag-and-drop type editor but you’ll get a number of different templates. These templates have a very granular control of things like changing the theme’s colors. You can leave the colors alone, but there are also other options that can’t be left alone, and some take a little time to figure out.

There are only 12 responsive themes available in Obox Designs, and most of it are WooCommerce-ready.


  • Lifetime support and updates
  • A number of themes available are e-commerce compatible.
  • Full control in the backend.


  • Only has 12 responsive themes at this time.
  • Some themes look different, but others look like most of the themes out there.

There are three ways to get a premium theme from Obox Themes:

Single Pack offers two themes. Themes have lifetime support and updates and can be used on as many domains as you like. Single Pack costs at $79.

Developer Pack offers three themes with lifetime support and updates. Themes can be used on as many domains as you like. One advantage of Developer Pack is that you’ll get to access Photoshop files, and Obox Mobile Plugin. Developer Pack is offers at $139.

Membership lets you gain access to all themes. These themes have support and updates for the duration of the membership. You’ll also gain access to PhotoShop files and it comes with Obox Mobile Plugin. You are also entitled to unlimited use of all your themes. Membership is priced at $159 startup fee with $19 per month.

photogenic retail

Visit OboxThemes.com

Organic Themes

Organic Themes
Organic Themes

Organic Themes has some pretty collection of customizable and functional. Most themes have responsive designs that are in trend with the designs of today. Organic Theme’s login page and downloading the themes is a piece of cake; though setting up new themes can take a lot of work.


  • There are plenty of themes available that cater to a variety of uses.


  • Customer service is only catered to US citizens as it is only available during US business hours.
  • Themes are expensive.

Theme documentation are not that helpful. If not for the forums, we will get lost in solving these issues.

Organic Themes are offered in the following packages:
You can get a theme for $69 and nothing more.
If you want a better deal, the Developer pack is offered at $249 which included 23 themes.

Themes are entitled to unlimited usage for any number of domains you have. Design files are also included with each themes sold.

restaurant seed

Visit OrganicThemes


There you have it. These are some of the best theme providers in the market. If you have the time to check out all of them, you’ll find out that not all theme providers can cater to most user’s needs. There are some that specializes in one category and others try to be more general but still focuses on one target market.

One useful subscription model I find in most theme providers is the lifetime membership. This gives you the option to get a lifetime support and access to all the themes, plus other benefits. Elegant Themes, for example, offers lifetime membership at only $249 one-time payment.

While all theme providers listed above are very good choices, we recommend Elegant Themes. Visit Elegant Themes


Who is your favorite theme provider,when it comes to premium themes? Do leave us a comment.

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